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Stacey Solomon talks about mums not shaving their legs and we're 100% with her

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Stacey Solomon has come clean about not shaving her legs and we love her for it.

For many a mum, being hair free and carefree is a thing left behind in our pre-kid days. And, at the chilly times of year, who’s to know?

But Stacey has gone one step further. She’s got her leg fur out while lounging in the sun.

“I’m on holiday, and I’ve got hairy legs. VERY hairy legs,” Stacey wrote in her column for Fabulous.

"I meant to shave when we first got to the hotel but my boys were like: 'Nooooo! We need to swim!'"

We feel that, sister.


The Loose Woman star went on to explain that she went through puberty at a very young age and first waxed her legs at just 11 years old. Wow.

After feeling terribly self-conscious about her leg fuzz as a teenager, it was giving birth to her first child when she was 17 that gave her the confidence to embrace her body in its natural state.

Stacey said: “After that I thought, ‘People have shoved their hand up me to get a human out. Why do I care that I’m hairy?’"

She continued with an empowering message, and said: “So to all the women who think waxing, shaving and grooming is the bane of their life and wish they didn’t have to do it – you really DON’T. You really, really don’t.

“And if people don’t like you because you have normal body hair on your legs, they’re not worth knowing.”

CBB's India Willoughby was quick to share a shaving horror story with Stacey, and tweeted a picture of a very nasty shaving cut:

It’s enough to make us put down our razors forever.



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