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10 Ways To Find Your New Mum Normal   

There’s no skirting around it – becoming a parent does mean change in quite a few different areas of your life. But while you may be trading in boozy nights for bath times, bedtime and breastfeeding, it's not necessarily a bad thing. So, start embracing the things you’ll learn to love about your new life – rather than focusing on what you'll miss about your old life pre-baby…
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Pre-baby: Lie ins. Every. Single. Weekend.

Now: Snoozing until the afternoon on a Sunday seemed amazing at the time, but now you realise just how much time you wasted slobbing around. Now it’s just you and your little one enjoying the early morning quiet together and making plans for the day ahead. Plus, your body clock will be a lot more regular.
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Pre-baby: A spotless house

Now: What does it matter if you’ve forgotten what colour your carpet is? Secretly, you love emptying out the toy baskets as much as your little one does. And your house was never that pristine before your tot came along anyway. And at least it's a great excuse for not cleaning. When in doubt, blame it on the baby!
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Pre-baby: Nights out with the girls

Now: OK, so you may miss the freedom of heading out for drinks whenever the mood took you, but think of all the money you’re saving – not to mention you don’t have to suffer through crippling stiletto pain, hangovers and reliving mortifying drunken situations. You’re far happier hanging out with your little one and watching every amazing new thing she does.
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Pre-baby: Peaceful breakfasts

Now: In between the tantrums, mess and aeroplane noises, breakfast can get quite hectic these days. But you would be lost without the all the commotion. And hey – you can always reheat that cold cup of coffee in the microwave.
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Pre-baby: Ah-mazing holidays

Now: Soaking up the sun in San Tropez with prosecco in hand might be a distant memory, but nothing beats that first family holiday, when your little one feels sand in their toes for the first time and all the memories you’ll make.
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Pre-baby: Grown-up TV

Now: There’s something to be said for a Peppa Pig marathon (ssh, don’t tell the other mums) or a good old Disney film. TBH, you always struggled to keep up with the intricate storylines in Hollyoaks anyway.
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Pre-baby: White clothes

Now: The perfect blank canvas for poo, crayons and food to attack, white clothes are definitely best avoided post-baby. It washed you out, anyway.
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Pre-baby: A super stylish wardrobe

Now: Yes your wardrobe may’ve been packed with gorgeous outfits, but you never wore half of them anyway and spending your money on baby clothes is much more worthwhile… they’re SO much cuter.
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Pre-baby: Date nights

Now: While you do miss the snazzy wine bars and gourmet dinners, hanging out as a family is way more fun.
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Pre-baby: Gym sessions

Now: You barely managed to motivate yourself to go anyway and racked up a huge bill despite only attending four spin classes. Plus, you’re getting plenty of exercise picking your baby up countless times a day and carrying your incredibly heavy changing bag around.

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