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12 Items You Inevitably Swap Once You Have A Baby

Babies bring so many wonderful additions to your life. And they also mean seeing the back of a few things. From the contents of your fridge to your beauty must-haves, check out the classic trade-offs when your little one arrives. Let us know what you’d add on the comments board below!
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Your car

You’ve had that little run-around since you turned 21, but anything with two doors just doesn’t work when you’re trying to fit a car seat or track down those stray Hula Hoops in the back. People carrier, anyone?
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The yoghurt

Double-duty dairy is the key here. Why buy one yoghurt for you and another for your baby? Time for some loved-by-everyone Petit Filou. It just makes sense.
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Stinky cheese

See previous. Hello, mini cheddars.
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Unstable shoes

Try the nursery run in those new heels. Exactly.
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Your biggest earrings

Sure, they’re beautiful. The type Beyonce would wear and you know will get a thousand compliments. But you also know nobody will love them more than your curious baby… who will pull at them like a mini romper-suited magpie.
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Loads of skincare

Introducing the ultimate multi-purpose product that works for you as well as your baby: Sudocrem. Great for everything from dry skin to spots.
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Your favourite phone numbers

That section on your phone looks slightly different these days. Basically, Dominos has been replaced with a breastfeeding support line.
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The wallet

Forget that tiny purse – making space for your credit card is one thing, but what about the coupons you’re suddenly obsessed with collecting? And all that loose change you need to park outside the health visitor’s clinic? Time to dig out that wallet with umpteen compartments. Plus, it’s wipe-able.
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Clutch bags

Zero space for raisins, tissues and Sophie the Giraffe, as well as no strap when you need hands free for wiping snotty noses.
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Anything cream or white

No explanation needed.
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Grown-up books

You love that free book swap outside your favourite shop in town, especially because you can now trade all those trashy holiday reads for super-cute baby books.
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Your number one app

Best excuse ever to ditch Candy Crush… in favour of one about Peppa Pig.
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