Mother and Baby

14 realisations you’ll have in the first 24 hours of having your baby

You’ve waited months, gone through labour and are now a proud mum to a newborn.


And despite all the prep, there are some things that only occur to you in the hazy/lovestruck/exhausted first 24 hours with the new addition to your family.

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Newborns sleep and feed loads

The best kind of habits, really.
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Babies don’t have an off-switch

Nothing quite prepares you for a small person who is always there and constantly needs your attention. Even that Furby you had when you were little…
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Sleep can be elusive

It’s 3am, you’re exhausted but, no matter how much you try to switch off, your mind’s racing and all you really want to do is look at your baby.
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15mph should be the speed limit

Seriously, why’s the taxi driver/your partner driving so fast? In fact, if he could keep it to a crawl all the way home from hospital, you’d appreciate it. You’ve got a baby on board, people!
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Babies win at poo-ing

You heard about it, but nothing prepares you. How is that amount/texture/colour/force possible? As for removing meconium with cotton wool and water, it feels more like you need paint stripper.
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Chocolate beats all other snacks

Even if your labour bag or kitchen cupboard is full of healthy, energy snacks. Now, pass the Minstrels.
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Tea and toast are also pretty ace

There’s something inexplicably exciting about seeing the tea lady coming round the ward. Now, toast and a lukewarm cuppa will always be your perfect comfort food.
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Should’ve gone simple with babygros

The bows are so sweet on that romper, but the fiddly fastening on the back? Nightmare.
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Your neighbour’s baby is annoying

You’re on the ward with three crying newborns around you. Gah! But now yours has started – ah well, you’re all in the same boat here.
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You’re already super-protective

Even going to the loo makes you a little worried about leaving your baby. What if she cries in the 10 minutes you’re away?
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Your own mum is a superstar

To think she did this all for you. And now she’s running around making your meals and tidying up.
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PJs are the dream

The thought of wearing any trousers that don’t go up and down without having to undo a button… No thank you!
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Even though you’ve read every book…

It hits you that you still know very little about your newborn. And breathe.
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But the love is overwhelming

She’s just so perfect. You actually can't believe she’s finally here.

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