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8 things new mums are tired of hearing

You've just got home from the hospital, excited and nervous to start your journey as a new mum to your precious bundle of joy.

But when the visitors start arriving you might find yourself getting tired very quickly as you find yourself answering the same questions over and over again.

Although people mean well with what they are saying, there's nothing more frustrating than unsolicited advice or a hundred questions that you don't even know the answer to yet! 

Things you're probably tired of hearing as a new mum:

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1) "Is it a girl or boy?"

Your baby can be dressed head to toe in pink but people will still ask if it's a boy or girl and it can get pretty tiring. 
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2) "Sleep when the baby sleeps"

This sounds like great advice, but by the time you've ate, done your 4th load of washing and tip toed through the house, you'll be lucky to wash the baby sick out of your hair never mind grab a 5 minute nap before your bundle of joy wakes up. But don't stress over this advice too much, as there are ways to help you sneak a few extra minutes of sleep as the weeks go on.  
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3) "Are you going to lose the baby weight?"

We must admit, the compliments during pregnancy about your glowing skin were a lot nicer than the questions you get about your post-birth body. A little exercise can help you feel energised after birth, but whether you are planning to lose any baby weight or not, you have to wait for the OK from your doctor.
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4) "When are you going back to work?"

The last thing you want to be thinking about when you become a new mum is heading back to work. Although people aren't trying to annoy you by asking this, it can get tiring explaining how long your maternity leave lasts and what you'll be doing with your bundle of joy when you head back to work. All you want to do is stay in your little love bubble a bit longer and try to enjoy life as a new parent and watching your newborn grow. 
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5) "Can we come over?"

Is it rude to say no? It's lovely that people want to come over and see you, cuddle your baby and shower you with love, but trying to pretend you're not tired and having to clean up ready for guests is exhausting. In the first few weeks you probably had more visitors than you'd had all year, which makes it hard to just have 5 minutes to yourself.
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6) "Is that normal?"

You've probably asked yourself that same question 50 times a day (and googled it as well), but when other people ask it, it can be frustrating because it's all new to you as well.
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7) "Don't cuddle him too much!"

This comment is definetely one you have to grin and bear! You get a lot of people telling you not to cuddle your newborn all the time because it can "spoil" them or make them become attached so that they won't settle with a baby sitter or go into childcare easy. But how can you not give your precious bundle of joy endless cuddles?!
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8) "Are you planning on having another soon?"

You've just started on your journey as a parent and already people will be asking if you want another baby yet. Your body has just gone through a huge change and you're probably exhausted, so you're more than likely wanting to give a firm "no" or you just haven't thought about it so soon. If you are planning on having another though, make sure that your body is ready!

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Samantha is a mum of one, in a house full of boys. Her hobbies are long hikes, coffee tasting, and being a bit of an *obsessive* cleaner.

She also runs a blog Student Mum Diaries about what it’s like to be a student mum. 


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