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9 things mums really shouldn't judge each other about (but probably do)

Parenting is tough enough without worrying about the other mums gossiping in the nursery car park about how your little one’s still in nappies – or how long those Cheerios have been stuck to your jeans. Besides, if anyone can understand all of the feeding issues and potty training trials, it's other parents…

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1. How fast your baby’s developing

The ‘My baby crawled first’ competition is so old. And unnecessary. We all know that babies develop at their own pace.
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2. Your sense of style

Dropping your baby at nursery on time each morning is a big enough achievement – getting your little one up, dressed, fed and ready to leave the house doesn’t leave much time for you to consider your outfit. Besides, mismatched socks are in now, didn’t you know?
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3. Whether you’re breast or bottle feeding

Breast may be best, but not everyone can – or feels comfortable – breastfeeding. As long as your baby gets fed, that’s all that matters.
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4. Your baby’s varied (or not) diet

OK, so your 18-month-old niece may already be happily munching away on every type of vegetable, but it doesn’t give your sister the right to judge your two-year-old's snack habits. You’re doing the best you can.
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5. Your last minute cancellations

Yes, you know this is the second time you’ve had to rain check on that play date with the neighbour’s baby, but following a meltdown over your toddler's lunch and unfortunate nappy accident, you just weren’t in the mood.
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6. The state of your house

Toys everywhere? Check. Baskets of dirty clothes to be washed? Oh yes. Puree explosion on the kitchen counter? Yep. Being a mum doesn’t always leave a huge amount for domestic goddess-ness.
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7. Your child’s behaviour

Yes, all of your friends’ kids may have their Ps and Qs down to a tee, but somehow your tot hasn’t quite got the hang of knowing when NOT to yell out his new favourite word. Shame it has to be such a rude one…
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8. Your parenting style

Whether you’re having a go at the attachment parenting method or just making it up as you go along, it’s up to you as a mum how you raise your little one.
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9. Your child’s name

Modern, traditional, sentimental or quite out there, the name you give your baby isn’t up for scrutiny by other mums. Remember that when your colleague reveals her unusual choice…

□Can you add anything else to this list? Let us know in the comments box below.

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