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A mum’s wisdom: Meet our new-mum blogger! Brought to you by Palmer’s

A mum’s wisdom: Meet our new-mum blogger!

In September’s issue of M&B, we ran a competition to find a new-mum blogger, in association with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, the leading pregnancy stretch-mark brand in the US.

We asked mums to send us the must-pass-on advice they learned when they were expecting their baby. Out of all the fantastic entries we received, the one from Natasha Corrigan, 24, mum to Isabella, stood out and she won a year’s supply of Palmer’s goodies and spa vouchers worth £200.

Here is her funny and touching winning entry:

Oh, the butterflies, the excitement, the fear - so many emotions fire through you, when the stick you just awkwardly peed on tells you you’re pregnant! You are growing a baby, a real, live, human, baby! It’s all unicorns and rainbows right?

There are many things I wish I had known about life with a newborn, but let’s start with pregnancy. 

Ahhh, pregnancy. You imagine yourself glowing, feeling those little feet tickling your tummy, endless baby shopping, being a domestic godess and everything being just perfect.

It’s an exciting time, but the only way I was going to glow was if someone dipped me in a pot of glitter and shoved some fake tan on my face.

I looked dead, my hair was flat, my skin was grey, and let’s not forget running to the bathroom every morning for the morning sickness. 

Oh, and feeling those little feet? Wait until you hit the 30 week mark and it feels like there's an elephant stampeding on your organs. Oh, sorry, back to unicorns and rainbows.

If I could have given my newly pregnant self some advice (that I would have most likely ignored), I would have said: 

  1. Don’t buy that ridiculously priced sleepsuit, it will be covered in vomit stains from the first use and be grown out of after two wears.
  2. Do coat yourself in cocoa butter to the point you’re slipping around like a seal. If nothing else you will smell good.
  3. Stop worrying, get as much sleep as possible and enjoy the ups and downs of pregnancy. Yes, even when your chest is burning from the heartburn so badly that you are thinking of calling the fire brigade, remember that at the end of it you will have a little human to love for the rest of your days - the most rewarding job on the planet (even when you feel like tearing your hair out!).

Pregnancy is tough on the body, and everyone is different. For me, it was a rough ride but would I go through it again to get my darling now-three-year-old here with me? Absolutely.

Terrible twos, however, is another journey all together... good luck!

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