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Celebrity Mum Weight Loss Tips And Truths

Despite their fancy fitness trainers and access to state-of-the-art gyms, celebrity mums are just like us and have to work hard to regain their pre-baby figure – if they even want to at all. Take a look at the different takes famous mums have on baby weight gain and how they learnt to love (or lose) their new shape.
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Jessica Simpson

She lost 50lb after her first pregnancy, then became pregnant with her second child soon after. And following a public battle with her weight, the star teamed up with Weight Watchers to regain her pre-baby figure. ‘I was so insecure. I couldn't even believe what I weighed,’ Jessica said on ABC's Good Morning America. Image from Getty.
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Jennifer Lopez

Thought to have gained around 50lb when pregnant with her twins Max and Emme, J Lo used the a triathlon training as her inspiration for getting fit and losing her baby weight. With the help of trainer Gunnar Peterson, the singer completed the four-mile run, half-mile swim and 18-mile cycle ride just seven months after giving birth.
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Lily Allen

The ultimate celebrity supporter for being realistic about baby weight gain, singer Lily Allen even released a song about the pressures on mums to slim down after having a baby. Her lyrics to hit single Hard Out Here hit back at the industry’s pressure on new mums to shed their baby pounds. Image from Instagram @lilyallen.
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Joanna Page

Svelte-like in her Gavin and Stacey days, Joanna Page’s post-baby weight became a topic of tabloid conversation last year. But the British actress couldn’t care less, saying, ‘I think it’s awful that women are expected to be a certain shape so soon after giving birth. I really don’t understand that pressure. This idea that you should lose all the weight you’ve put on within six weeks of producing a child and have a washboard stomach? It’s just ridiculous!’ Image from Getty.
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Amber Rose

Model Amber Rose took to Instagram to show off her dramatic baby weight loss last year. Just 10 months after giving birth, Amber proudly displayed her toned and healthy new mum body beside a photo of herself just before she gave birth. Image from Instagram @muvarosebud.
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Lauren Silverman

Simon Cowell’s girlfriend only gave birth to their son Eric just over a week ago and the 37 year old has already shown us she has an enviable post-baby body while sunning herself on the beach in Miami. We don’t yet know her secret… Image from Getty.
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A huge fan of yoga (and naturally slim), Gisele has managed to get back her enviable figure quickly after both of her children were born. ‘I think it’s muscle memory,’ Gisele said after her first child, Benjamin, now four, was born. ‘I did kung fu up until two weeks before Benjamin was born, and yoga three days a week. I think a lot of people get pregnant and decide they can turn into garbage disposals. I was mindful about what I ate, and I gained only 30 pounds.’ Image from Instagram @giseleofficial.
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Holly Willloughby

Known for her voluptuous figure, Holly Willoughby doesn’t let pregnancy weight stress her out. ‘When I’m pregnant I get absolutely huge,’ said the This Morning presenter. ‘I’m like a mechanical shovel. When I was pregnant this time around [with her second child], I ate nothing but icing. But I knew when I’d had the baby the balance would come back. I only stuff myself like that when I’m pregnant.’ Image from Getty.
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Una Foden

Mum of one Una Foden found regaining her pre-baby body difficult. 'My abs were the hardest part to tone after pregnancy,’ The Saturdays singer told Women’s Fitness magazine. ‘My tummy felt like jelly for a while and it’s much more difficult to tone than it used to be.’ Image from REX.
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Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton was in no rush to get back her slim figure after her son Rex was born last year. The DJ told Cosmopolitan magazine, ‘I don’t give a crap what people think anymore. Since I had Rex I’m like, wow, I can’t believe my body did that! I’ve got boobs and a bum. I don’t know if it’s all still expanding hip-wise from giving birth, but I’m in no rush to get back into shape. I don’t care if I’m on holiday and my stomach’s hanging out.’ Image from Getty.
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Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz says breastfeeding helped her slim down after her second child Luna was born last year. ‘I’m supposed to get extra calories because with breastfeeding you burn an extra 500 a day,’ the actress said in Allure magazine. ‘I was breastfeeding my son (until) 13 months, and I plan to do the same with my daughter. [Nursing] is addictive. It’s hard when the day comes when you have to stop.’ Image from REX.
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Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr has admitted she put on 40 pounds during her pregnancy, but ‘wasn’t fazed’ by it. The model claimed she got her slim physique back through a mixture of yoga, jogging and healthy eating. Image from Instagram @mirandakerr.
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Frankie Sandford

Frankie Sandford managed to juggle her mum duties with exercising by posting a photo of her baby Parker strapped to her chest as she worked out last year. The Saturdays singer has regained her pre-baby figure quickly – something which is reportedly attributed to a juice diet she started one month after giving birth. Image from Instagram @francescasandford.
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Kate Middleton

Just THREE MONTHS after giving birth to Prince George, K Mid revealed her flat-as-a-pancake torso at a charity basketball game. While we don’t know exactly how the Duchess lost her weight, it’s thought she didn’t diet but opted for healthy eating and lots of gym sessions. But as she was very slim pre-baby, we reckon she was also one of those lucky ones whose body bounced back quickly. Image from REX.
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Kim Kardashian

The reality star combined the Atkins diet with a strict workout in order to lose her baby weight after having her daughter North West last June. In October, Kim famously posted a selfie in which she was wearing a very skimpy swimsuit and, on the Jay Leno show, said, ‘This is my big middle finger to the world.’ Image from Getty.
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Alesha Dixon

Five months after giving birth to her daughter Azura, Alesha spoke out about her regaining her pre-baby figure. 'I haven't been obsessively training or dieting,' the TV presenter told 3AM. 'I wanted to let natural take its course. I'm still nursing so I want to make sure that I'm good to myself. I always try to eat healthily, but I've not deprived myself of anything. I think I've got a lot of energy and probably that's what's helped me burn it off.' Image from REX.

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