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Could This Be The Secret To Your Baby Weight Loss Success?

If you've been trying to lose the post-baby weight but aren't seeing results, try this quick quiz to work out why the scales aren't going down. (Clue: It probably isn't because they're broken)

Right now we're assuming you're not the new mum for who weight loss after baby 'just happened'. No, you're like the other 99.9% of us who, despite having every intention to start getting back to your pre-baby self (or pre- pre-baby self - what's wrong with a bit of ambition?) and know your body is ready, just can't seem to get those extra pounds to shift. Wierd routine. Missing meals. Grabbing energy where you can (yep, including toddler's fish fingers). Er, sleep deprivation anyone?

So we've put together this quick simple quiz to pinpoint just what's standing in the way of you getting the figure you want. Also a great diversion from that bar of chocolate you've been obsessing about for the last 15 minutes...



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