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5 Easy New Mum Shape-up Shortcuts

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When you’re sleep-deprived and learning the new-mum ropes, the last thing you might feel like doing is leaving your baby and heading to the gym. But one part of feeling yourself again is getting your old body back – and you can do it without having childcare on tap. Here are M&B’s top hot-mama moves for you to fit into your daily routine...
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Still know how to do it? The hula hoop twists is ace for toning up your tummy. All you need is a weighted Hula Hoop, £14.99, available from Argos or Tesco. Time Build up to 30 minutes – you’ll burn 250 calories while your baby naps. Hula Hooping three times a week for a month will help you lose three- to six-inches off your body.
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Think that you just don't have the running bug anymore? The slow burner could be better for you. ‘Walk-running at a pace you can sustain is more effective than running at full pelt and collapsing after a few minutes,’ says Lisa. ‘It’s a great all-over fat burner, too.’ Time Start by power-walking for five minutes and running for a minute, then up the running time by 30 seconds until you do equal bursts. Aim for 20-minute sessions.
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Head to the park for a group Buggyfit [LINK] workout of running and power-walking with your pram, stretches, tricep dips, bicep curls, punches and sit-ups. One hour a week is enough to help you tone up. ‘This is a great all-over workout and tones the areas affected by pregnancy, such as the tummy and hips,' says Lisa. 'The upper body exercises give new mums killer arms, too.’
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Get closer to a six pack with this pilates move. ‘Kneel on all fours, knees directly under hips and hands under your shoulders,’ says postnatal Pilates teacher Guro Eide. ‘Pull in your tummy and stretch one leg straight out behind you while sliding your opposite arm forward along the floor.’ Bikini season ahoy. Repeat up to five times each side, ideally daily.
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Turn washing-up or bottle- sterilising into a workout by doing butt-firming, rear leg lifts. Using the sink for balance, raise your leg straight out behind you and squeeze. ‘It’s a great way to tone your bum without taking time out of your day,’ says Lisa. Do eight on the right leg then eight on the left, or for as long as you’re washing-up. Hold your tummy in tight while you’re squeezing for a toning double whammy.

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