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5 fitness tips for new mums that will put you in the mood to workout

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Struggling to get into the swing of things when it comes to fitness? Don’t worry, it’s normal for fitness to take a back seat when you’ve got a new baby on your hands. After all, you’ve been through a big life change (what with the arrival of your little one) so try not to be too hard on yourself about not working out as much, and instead focus on the fact that it’s super easy to reintroduce fitness back into your lifestyle.

Simply read our top tips below that will help you get into the workout mood…

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1. Read an inspirational fitness quote

When you're feeling really tired and can't be bothered to hit the gym, something that may get you in the mood to workout is an inspirational fitness quote. We recommend saving them on your phone, or even into your saved folder on Instagram, so that you can refer back to them when you need a little pick-me-up.
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2. Have a pre-gym snack

There's nothing like a pre-gym snack to get you in the mood to workout, and provide that much-needed boost of energy. Look for something that's high in protein but also low in sugar, because sugar converts into fat, so if you want to shed some weight than opt for protein-based snacks that will help you tone up.

Our current fav pre-gym snack is the new Müller Corner yoghurt, which is made with unsweetened Greek style yogurt, and so is 27% less sugar than the regular Fruit Corner. We also love the Müller Alpine Style Quark Yogurt in vanilla and strawberry. Mmmm!
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3) ​Put on some feel-good music

Putting on some feel-good music can do the world of good when it comes to getting you in the mood to workout. For this very reason, remember to pack your headphones in your gym kit, so that you have something nice to listen to while you clock up those miles on the treadmill.
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4) Workout with a friend

Mustering up the energy for a workout seems almost impossible when you're doing it alone, but when you're with a friend or fellow mum, it's a different story. If you can't face entering the gym by yourself, drag someone along with you for the ride. As well as both getting your fitness levels up, you'll also be able to have some quality bonding time together, and some much-needed ‘me time’ away from the kids.
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5. Sign up to a fitness class

Just like it's easier to workout with a friend, doing a group exercise class is much more enjoyable than working out alone. Plus, once you've signed up for a class, you're less likely to flake or cancel, especially if you have to pay for it in advance!

Müller official sponsor British Athletics are investing in the foundation of sport to help people live happier and healthier lives. Müller have launched their first unsweetened natural Greek-style corner which is high in protein, Müller Corner Plain, the perfect for breakfast on the go. 

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