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5 reasons why online yoga is a new mum’s sanity saver

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We know that doing a downward facing dog combined with a warrior pose will do wonders for our happiness and will make us feel a lot more zen. However, finding the time to escape to the Villiage Hall for a lavish stretch just seems as likely as your five-month-old sleeping all the way through the night. 

Now in what's dubbed as 'Netflix for yoga', Movement for Modern Life (MFML) have ready to download, high-quality yoga classes on your laptop which you can do at your home - meaning you're getting tip-top advice without having to change your porridge-stained jogging bottoms. 

Er, where do we sign up?

Here are the 5 benefits of opting for online yoga, if you're not already convinced. 

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1) No one cares about how you look

You can practice in your oldest joggers with leaky nipples, in your own bedroom, anytime (yes!). “For me, my daily yoga practice is about how I feel, and I love to separate how I feel on the inside with how I look on the outside,” says Kat Farrants, founder of online yoga company, Movement for Modern Life. “So often public classes seem full of people obsessed with how they look. The tricky thing is, we are conditioned to experience our bodies based on how we think people experience us – and that distances us from really truly living in our own skin.” Given the profound nature of childbirth, and the impact it can have on our physical selves, it’s more important than ever NOT to put pressure on ourselves based upon how we look. 
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2) You don't need to rely on your baby's sleep schedule 

With specific mother-baby classes, which you can load up and watch at any time of day or night, you don’t need to rely on baby’s nap time to get some much-needed self-care time. “Self-care is so essential to us all, but especially new mums, who let’s face it, are more focused on one other little being than anything or anybody else,” says Kat Farrants. “We are often reminded that we must put on our own oxygen mask before we can properly help others – but the lovely thing about practising yoga WITH your baby, is that you can both benefit from this soothing, healing practice at the very same time.” And the loveliest part of doing this at home is that you won’t be caught in the comparison trap if your little one won’t stop howling while someone else’s angel child is all smiles!
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3. When you’re too tired to move, don’t – try yoga nidra instead

"Often we’re just so exhausted that we can’t do anything except slump in front of the TV, and the thought of a yoga class is just too much. Well, one of my secret tips for times such as this, is to try yoga nidra. It’s yogic sleep, and you literally just lie down and fall into a state between consciousness and unconsciousness while you’re guided by your teacher’s words. From there, you may well find the deepest connection to yourself as you nourish and very, very deeply rest. With just fifteen minutes of yoga nidra, you can relax deeper than you ever would in a nap. If there’s one new thing you try, I can’t recommend yoga nidra highly enough!”
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4. Yoga will do wonders for your mental health 

 Innumerable studies have attributed positive mental health benefits to the regular practice of yoga, and it’s true that this deeply transformative practice can help  us all feel almost immediately feel happier, brighter and stronger (precisely what every new mama needs!). 
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5) It takes the pressure off of leaving the house

The gauntlet run that is ‘getting a newborn baby up, dressed, clean, fed and out of the house’ is a nightmare some days. Take the pressure off by giving yourself an afternoon of yoga, without having to leave the house. “I have no idea who on earth has 90 minutes to do a class, plus the to and fro to get to there, and of course, just as you plan your day around one class, suddenly your little one needs to nap, be fed, changed or picked up off the floor after an epic tantrum, and there go all your best-made plans for the entire day!” says Kat Farrants. “It’s so much easier to just choose a class at home where you can be in control of your timetable! As we are increasingly aware, self-care is an absolute essential for you and your family – it allows you to be your brightest, best self and to make the best decisions for you and your baby, and that’s only possible if you nourish yourself with healthy choices which are easy to fit into your life.”

Online yoga company, Movement for Modern Life, are offering Mother & Baby readers an exclusive 30% off subscriptions when they enter code M&BSPECIAL at checkout. Learn more about Kat Farrants and Movement for Modern Life here 

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