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The best aromatherapy candles for instant calm

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The best aromatherapy candles for instant calm

We can probably all agree that motherhood is one of the most stressful periods of our lives, both physically and mentally. Our lifestyles have been thrown out of whack, we’re experiencing a level of sleep deprivation we didn’t think was humanly possible and new mum jitters are at an all-time high. But what if there were a way to naturally relieve all your stress and instantly make you feel calm?  

Introducing aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a treatment where essential oils extracted from plants are either breathed in through the nose or put on your skin to improve a range of conditions. Whether you’re sleepless, headachey or simply want to relax after a day of toddler chasing, aromatherapy could help.  

One popular method of aromatherapy is through the use of essential-oil infused candles – as if we needed another reason to buy more candles. However, while aromatherapy candles are currently very popular, it’s important to note that some candles out there are far from therapeutic. 

Most candles on the market are made of paraffin wax and emit extremely harmful toxins. Many companies also tend to opt for (cheap) synthetic fragrances which release hazardous chemicals and are associated with a range of health conditions. In short, it’s likely that the candle currently sitting on your shelf is doing you absolutely no favors. Opting for beeswax, soy and vegetable-based candles with cotton wicks is a good way to ensure you candle isn’t toxic, and make sure to look out for only pure essential oils in the fine print.  

To answer the question that all new mothers have – is it safe for my baby? The truth is, the jury is still out on the impact of essential oils in babies and young children. So, it might be a good idea to begin your zen time once you’ve put your little one to sleep. The general recommendation is to always discuss with your doctor first, and to avoid using essential oils around infants under six months old.  

We understand the frustration of trying to figure out what’s what in the world of clean candles.  To make it easier, we’ve created a list of the best aromatherapy candles currently on the market.  

If you feel like something is missing from your self-care routine, it’s probably this 100% essential-oil candle. The Scentered brand was invented to help customers mindfully transition through different emotions throughout their day, promoting feelings of calmness and control. The award-winning Destress candle beautifully mixes chamomile, neroli and mandarin to uplift, soothe and relax you. If you are looking to surface other emotions, worry not. Scentered has a host of candles to offer including Happy, Sleepwell, Escape and Love, all expertly blended to induce positive emotions and free the mind.  

It would be criminal to create this list without including our next option. The creator of Eym was pregnant with her first child when finding out about the toxic effects of synthetically made and fragranced candles. Unwilling to give up her obsession with candles (we can relate), she and her husband began their own journey of creating 100% natural products. While there are many to choose from, the Rest candle combines pure essential oils of chamomile, lavender and orange to soothe your nerves and help you relax. The gentle aromatherapeutic scent promotes wellbeing and is just what you need before you call it a day.  

If a nice, long and uninterrupted night of sleep seems like a distant memory to you, this dreamy candle may be just what you need before bed. Neom has been truly knocking it out the park with their all-natural candles, and our pick is from the ‘Scent to sleep’ range which includes a special blend of 19 essential oils such as jasmine, basil and lavender. If you’re looking for something to re-energise you instead, you can check out the ‘Scent to make you happy’ range which mixes mimosa, lemon and neroli for the ultimate boost of energy to prepare you for all mum duties. 


YMing has created an aromatherapy candle which is equal parts natural, therapeutic and luxurious. Made from soy wax and pure essential oils, the lavender and French cade wood notes are the ideal remedy for stress and insomnia. The uniquely natural blend allows you to enjoy the uplifting fragrance free of any toxins and impurities, and its embellished packaging also makes it the perfect gift for loved ones looking to enrich their lives through aromatherapy – or for those who simply enjoy a good a candle. 

Pioneering the art of essential oils since 1974, it’s no surprise that Tisserand is responsible for some of the most well-crafted aromatherapy candles on the market. This Amazon-recommended Total De-stress candle balances geranium, orange and nutmeg to add a beautifully calming aura to your life, making the overwhelming duties of parenting seem more manageable. The purely infused essentially oils ensure a natural, non-overpowering scent and the beautiful frosted glass jar adds an elegant touch to any room. 

When becoming a parent, opting for pure and organic products is more important than ever. A brand synonymous with the words natural and ethically sourced, Aromaworks creates candles composed of the finest and purest essential oils to enhance your wellbeing experience. The basil and lime candle combines sweet and spicy notes to induce feelings of clarity and contentment, helping you push away the stressors and anxieties of your day. The long-lasting aroma will easily fill your room, leaving you with a feeling of calm and bliss – even when your little one is making it seem impossible. 

This much-loved and raved-about aromatherapy candle is what dreams are made of. Created by London-based company Irusu, this candle combines everything you’ve ever wanted in a therapeutic aroma. Lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus are masterfully mixed together to create a powerful and lasting scent which is 100% organic and free of impurities. 

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