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A guide to the best running trainers, whatever your budget

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You’ve just become a mum, and whether it’s for the first, second, or third time (or more!) you will at some point want to get back into a fitness regime. Or start a new one. But your daily routine is completely different and fitting in time for exercise among the millions of nappy changes and feed times can be tricky.

One thing that can help motivate you is some snazzy new trainers that will make you feel good while you work out, or just go for a walk with the pram to get some fresh air. Having the right gear can give you a boost of confidence to help get you on track with your fitness goals – whether that is doing Couch To 5k, starting a spin class, or simply walking a mile or two every morning.

Before you get back to exercise after having a baby, make sure to talk it through with your doctor to check it’s the right time; you probably don’t want to start anything new until after your 6-8 week check-up. And if you’ve had a Caesarian, take extra care and time getting back to any sort of levels of fitness – it really does take time for your body to recover.  

One thing that can help you get back into exercise is trying some fitness apps with exercises you can do easily at home and fit in 15 to 30 minutes daily when you have time. 

These are what we call cheap and pretty. We are particular fans of the pink floral ones.

These Nike Women's Air Max Thea Low-Top Sneakers come in so many different colours that it’s going to be hard to choose just one. These trainers are elegant and minimalist.


These Free Spirits trainers from Skechers feature an air-cooled memory foam insole with a mesh texture.

At a reasonable price, these trainers feature shock absorbers for a variety of exercises; a great budget option and they come in a variety of colours, too. 


If you want bright trainers, then you can’t really get any brighter than these. Your feet will be able to breathe easy with these trainers as they made with a fabric which allows ventilation.

A more glamourous option if you want to treat yourself. These trainers come with an exclusive technology called 'TechLoom Phantom 3D' which claims to make you a faster runner while taking some of the pressure off your joints.


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