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The best vibration plates for mums

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 best vibration plates for mums

When you become a mother your world is changed forever.

Suddenly you have this little bundle of joy to look after, and everything else tends to be put on the back-burner.

However, feeling good about yourself and practising self-care is vital to being the best mum you can be. Happy mum, happy baby - so they say.

I’m not saying that you need to don the gym gear and run a marathon every week, but finding ways to make your time spent exercising more effective and simple is a good place to start.

We all know that being a mum is a full-time job, which is why we looked into products that can enhance your workouts and help you to feel great in yourself every step of the way. Vibration plates do just that. 

They have been around for years but are usually found in the gym and spas. However, they are becoming increasingly popular as affordable home workout tools due to their ability to enhance workouts, meaning you don’t necessarily have to spend hours each day exercising. Because let’s be honest, no mother has time for that.

What is a vibration plate?


A vibration plate is essentially a vibrating plate that forces your muscles to contract and relax, just like they do when you’re exercising. 

They are used to enhance your workout, so if you just stand on them you might not see immediate results, but it does work as a brisk massage.

However, if you use them to do your exercises, they turn up the intensity of your usual workout and you will burn fat at a higher rate.

The gentle vibrations increase blood flow to your body too, thus bringing much-needed oxygen and nutrients to the areas that need it the most.

When they first came out there was some scepticism over their effectiveness, mainly because they were advertised as an effortless way to lose weight. However, if used as part of a daily exercise regime, they can help to enhance your workout and they come with great health benefits too.



How do they help mothers?


Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, but it can play havoc on your body. Our postpartum bodies are beautiful and are to be celebrated, but if you want to regain strength and soothe any lasting pain, then a vibration plate could be a good option.

When used correctly, vibration plates can help to improve your core and restore your pelvic floor strength, and can also tone and strengthen your body. If you have accidental leaks caused by pregnancy, they can help to stop these too. 

They can also help to alleviate lower back pain and improve poor posture.

Whether you are looking to lose weight or simply have something to help you cope with the daily physical demands of motherhood, a vibration plate could be a good option for you.

The great thing about a vibration plate is that you only need to work out in 10-minute spells, so it’s just perfect for us busy mums.

Please note, vibration plates are not recommended to use when pregnant.

There are a lot of vibration plates out there, all of which claim to do the same thing. Here are the best ones we could find, based on positive and happy customer reviews. After all, the proof is in the pudding. 

Best vibration plates for mums

Are you looking for a vibration plate to hide away when you're not using it? Well, then this super slim vibration plate is perfect. It has a silent motor, so you can work out when your baby sleeps. Unless you're blasting out music from the Bluetooth speakers (then there's no hope). 
It comes with handy nutritional guides as well as exercise bands and resistance cables. It has 180 levels of vibration speed and five built-in programmes. Not only is this a bestseller on Amazon, but you'll also look as cool as a cucumber while exercising on it. 

This slim and stylish vibration plate comes in a funky orange or black to jazz up your workout. It has a handy display so that you can see your time, speed and programme. It features a wireless remote control to easily change the programme while working out, and detachable resistance bands to give a bit of variety to your workout. This plate has 99-speed levels and nine pre-set programs. 

This Power Plate Healthy Mums Programme Pack isn’t just a vibration plate, it’s a full programme to help you to achieve your fitness goals. And, it’s specifically aimed at mums. 
It doesn’t come cheap compared to the other options, but it’s designed by top Post Natal Recovery Specialist Jenny Burrell. The programme is video-led and lasts 12 weeks, looking at the common issues of motherhood such as incontinence, lower back pain, diastasis rectus abdominus and more. So if you’re after a step-by-step programme, then this could be a good option for you.

Included in the programme:

- 12-week video-led post-natal exercise recovery programme
- Power plate machine with two hand straps, rubber mat, remote control and soft carrying case
- Gym accessories of a Theraband, pilates ball, resistance rope, dumbbells and mini band
- Fat loss recipe book
- Members-only private Facebook group

If you’re looking for an all in one fitness machine plus a massage, then the 4D Triple Motor Vibration Plate is the one for you. Unlike the others, this plate boasts triple motors for four-dimensional vibrations, oscillation and micro oscillation. It’s the ultimate workout. It also has a massage feature that uses magnetic bead therapy to soothe joint and muscle pain post-workout.

This vibration plate has the same benefits as the others, but comes with comfortable arm supports too. For the price, you get a nutritional guide, as well as resistance cables for full-body workouts. It has Bluetooth and a spacious plate with 360 hip rotation. It’s not the most compact option, but it’s super sturdy and has 10 workout programs to choose from to get you started on your fitness journey, and 180 intensity levels.


Lizzie is a freelance writer and mum of twin babies and a toddler. In her spare time Lizzie loves keeping fit, feasting on a good pub lunch and spending time with her family. Lizzie also runs a Motherhood and Lifestyle Blog Life with WIT. She studied Publishing with Media, Communication and Culture at Oxford Brookes University and has recently returned to her writing roots.

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