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12 fitness buys that will revolutionise your home workouts

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If you’ve got a toddler clinging to your ankles or a newborn sleeping upstairs we’re pretty sure hitting the gym is neither your priority nor a possibility.

But if you’re keen to get back in shape, take inspiration from this gallery of great workout equipment to get you feeling and looking amazing from the comfort of your home. Who knew you could achieve so much, without even leaving the house! 

Ever wondered how many calories you burn doing the housework or pushing the buggy to town? The Withings Steel Smartwatch lets you know your heart rate and the number of calories burnt, so make sure you put in on when you’ve got a busy day ahead or are following a fitness DVD in your living room. 

Skipping isn’t just for the playground, but it is a great way – not to mention a cheap way – to burn fat fast. Ten minutes of skipping is also said to have the same health benefits as a 45-minute run, so is the perfect express work out for busy mums. If you’ve got a little skipper on your hands, too, make it into a game and get your little one to join in.

Weighted hula hoop

£10.99 - RRP: £11.99

A weighted hula hoop is a god-send for the abs (and it's harder than it looks!) Simply rotate your hips to keep the hoop spinning, whilst keeping your core engaged. Choose from 1kg and 1.5kg depending on your goals. What's more, the hula hoop collapses into 8 seperate pieces, meaning storage won't be a problem! 

The Google Home Hub isn't just a voice-activated device that will show you any recipe, YouTube video and your calendar at a mere 'hey Google', but is also a perfect way to display your home workouts.
It's great for when you can't get to the gym (hi, small children!) and still want to do a full fitness routine from YouTube. Choose from Yoga, stretching routines and even HIT if you fancy a good sweat. We love how small it is, so you can fit it in even the cosiest of flats. 

If Miranda Kerr can do it, so can we! For the inner yoga bunny in you, invest in this easily packed away and portable mat, so when baby’s down for a nap, you can get on with the downward dog. Not only will yoga at home burn calories, tone muscles and save you money on classes, it also makes sure you get some much-needed zen time.

Unleash your inner big kid and have a jump around on a mini trampoline for the ultimate calorie burn. It’s great for doing indoors on rainy days, and when the sun is shining (don’t hold your breath) you can easily take it into the garden – and it is much less stress on your joints that jogging outdoors.

For extra oomph when you’re star jumping in the kitchen, strap these handy wrist weights on for super-toned arms. Ideal if your tot is up and running about, as you can still have your hands free. Now you’ve got no excuse…

Believe it or not, the Swiss Ball has much more functions than sitting on when you need an extra chair at the dinner table… Ideal for core strength, stretching, yoga, Pilates and of course aimlessly bouncing around on, this is a great investment if you’re looking for a versatile home workout item. The Studio Pro Swiss Ball is also super durable, so will be able to stand a few kick-abouts when your toddler spots it.

The smart scales can calculate your fat, muscle and water percentage, BMI and your weight. It even tells you the morning weather and up to eight people can register themselves per scales - perfect for when your partner wants to join in! The scales are paired with the Health Mate app, meaning it's never been easier to track your progress. 

Really work your legs and glutes by adding a resistance band into your workouts. We like this one as it's durable and super verstatile - from squats, to dead lifts to glute bridges - prepare to feel the burn! 

Don’t fancy converting your conservatory into a gym? A mini bike or foot pedal is great for majorly saving space and being able to burn calories anywhere in the house (or even for a secret workout at your desk.) Pedalling away while sitting at the sofa as your little one makes Tree Fu Tom Magic – surely this can’t be good for you? Best. Workout. Ever.

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