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Kate Winslet says take your time getting your post-baby body back

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The actress has spoken about how her body changed after giving birth, and how there is too much pressure on women to bounce back into shape.

Kate Winslet - who has 16-month-old Bear Blaze with husband Ned Rocknroll - says she is only just getting back to how she was before giving birth, and spoke about the pressure on new mums to return to their pre-baby body quickly.

She said: “It’s getting worse because people keep talking about it, they keep saying, ‘Look how great she looks three weeks post-baby. Wow, fantastic.’ Not wow fantastic, wow sick. That’s not right, that’s not possible.

“My little boy is 16 months old now and it’s only in the last three or four months, honestly, that I’ve felt truly and completely back to where I was before I had him. That is the right way around.

“A lot of focus has been put on it its how you feel, your own health and your family, the health of your baby. Those things are important.”

The 39-year-old actress - who also has Mia, 14 and Joe, 11, from previous relationships - also admitted she is a fan of feeding a baby naturally and says she eats a lot so she is able to provide for her little one.

She added to Stylist magazine: “When you are breastfeeding, to be perfectly honest with you, you have to eat a lot otherwise you can’t do it.

“I get quite passionate about that topic. I’ve been asked about my breasts a lot because they are very visible and I was pregnant while I was making the film so they are huge.”

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