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New Mum Michelle Asks Fans For Baby Weight Support

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Battling to lose weight after giving birth via C-section? You're not alone...

Despite looking fabulous in her latest red carpet pictures, Michelle Heaton has openly revealed her current struggle to slim down.

After giving birth to son Aaron, her second child, by caesarean section in February, Michelle isn't feeling as comfortable with her body as she'd like.

The singer messaged her 230k+ Twitter followers this morning to reach out to others in the same position, asking: 'Any one else struggling to loose baby weight after c-section? I have good & bad weeks. It's hard not being able to work out yet, but...

' long as your diet is clean you should see results regardless.. Hang in there girls! It's not easy! But we can do it if you want it....

'...regardless of what you may have seen/read in mags & pictures, I still have a long way to go, 1 stone & 5 pounds to be precise! .....'

Women who undergo a C-section rather than given birth naturally are advised to avoid exercise for approx 12 weeks in order for the body to fully recover and even then you should check with your midwife or doctor before embarking on a strenuous regime.

We're glad to see Michelle is taking this advice seriously and waiting until she feels completely ready to work out again. Her saviour until then? 'Thank god for spanx in the meantime.'

See what other celebrities have to say about their post-baby bodies here.

Did you have a C-section and subsequently struggled to lose your baby weight? Let us know in our comment section below.


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