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The Comfort Seeker – Is This Your New Mum Weight Loss Issue?

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If cake has become your best friend since becoming a mum, it’s probably your number one enemy when it comes to weight loss

Many new mums feel exhausted and a bit down so they prop themselves up with sugar. 

‘Studies show that foods high in sugar are comforting, both physically and emotionally,’ says psychologist Dr Sandra Wheatley. ‘But the feel good factor doesn’t last as sugary foods send the blood sugar levels sky-high, then you crash, feeling more tired than before, so you reach for the sugar again and so continues the cycle.’ 

Next time you reach for a biscuit, think about whether you’re hungry or tired. Check out our tips for tackling your mum sleep issues.

What you can do

You tend to like carbohydrates because they give you an emotional boost. To avoid the energy highs/lows cycle, pick slow-release carbs such as wholegrain bread, wild rice and sweet potatoes. 

‘If you do have something sweet, eat a handful of nuts alongside it,’ says personal trainer James Duigan. ‘It will slow down the rate at which the sugar hits your bloodstream and keep your energy levels consistent.’

Your secret for success

When you feel like comfort eating, paint your nails to distract you. You’ll look and feel good, too.

And snack wise, consider these healthy (and speedy) options.

If this doesn’t sound like you, give our weight loss quiz another whirl to find out just what’s getting in the way of your post-baby body shape up.


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