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Introducing 'This Mum Is...' the parenting group for all new mums

As a new mum, you can find yourself thrust into a completely different world. 

The hustle and bustle of a busy job are traded in for Peppa Pig repeats, weaning and only having a baby to talk to. 

Social media posts showing ‘perfect’ family outings, ‘perfect’ meals, or the ‘perfect’ tidy home can make mums feel inadequate and it's easy to feel isolated and alone during the first few months.

It doesn't have to be that way! 

This Mum Is…in partnership with Nûby UK, is on a mission to show new mums that they’re not alone and many women are feeling the same as them right now.  There is a whole army of like-minded women out there who want to talk about the realities of parenthood – the good, bad and utterly hilarious!

To help create a community of these new parents, This Mum Is…will be hosting a series of events across the UK, to encourage women to get out of the house and come together with like-minded mums and make friends, swap stories and have fun.  Whether it’s pampering or a practical session – these events have been based on feedback from new mums on what would be of interest or benefit to them. 

They will also have an online community where people can connect and there’ll be articles, videos, blogs and much more, from parents sharing their own experiences. 

Want to find out more? 
Learn more about the campaign and book your place at one of our events here Plus you’ll find lots of articles, videos and blogs from parents as well as some great prizes! 

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