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Mother’s Day: 7 Of The Best Ways For New Mums To Spend It

With 30th March fast approaching, get excited for Mother’s day with these ideas for how to spend the day (apart from in Tiffany with a credit card)

Gifts don’t have to be the focus on Mother’s Day (although flowers are always a winner with us…). Activities and the little gestures mean the world, too. Enjoy – and leave this open on his iPad where he’ll find it.

The classic bed bundle

Bring your baby or toddler into bed with you for a cuddle – just call it the new lie in. Nobody’s saying you have to get up yet, after all.

A Funday Sunday

A walk in the park. A trip to a gallery. A day at the aquarium. Get out and make some ‘First Mother’s Day’ memories.

Make it 3G

That’s three generational – so celebrating Mother’s Day with Grandma, too. Take lots of photos to make into a book for you both afterwards.

Catch up with friends

Organise a pub lunch with your mum friends and their babies. Take some toys along for entertainment (but don’t underestimate how entertaining a menu/napkin/some buddies can be too).

Daddy does dinner

Whether it’s a deli lunch or a roast after you’ve been out for the day, food should make its way to you minus the part where you have to make it, and move. Or at least clear it up when your baby chucks it at the wall.

A little luxury

Any sort of pampering works for us. Maybe a massage if your back’s still getting used to its new carrier role, or even some bath oils and a good uninterrupted 20 minutes getting all wrinkly in the tub. Bliss...

Nappy change duty

He’s on it. All day (and night). The technique needs working on, anyway.
What are you most excited about for Mother’s Day? Let us know on the comments board below.

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