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'She Helped Me Get Through A Tough Time': Meet The Little Girl Who Helped Her Mum Cope With OCD

Michelle Cray, 35, from East Yorkshire, is mum to Jamie, 15, Ellie, 10, and Lexie, 15 months. She nominated Ellie to win the Brilliant Big Brother Or Sister trophy at Mother&Baby's Big Heart Awards, and here she reveals why her daughter’s such a superstar

‘Ellie was eight when Lexie was born and being there for her little sister came so naturally.

As well as changing nappies, feeding and rocking her to sleep when I’ve been busy around the house, she’s helped me get through a very tough time. I have OCD and suffer from anxiety so I’ve found the first year difficult, and without Ellie behind me, I couldn’t have done it.

Lexie had awful reflux and would projectile vomit between feeds, but this never fazed Ellie at all – she would just clean her up and carry on.

She speaks to Lexie in the most soft and gentle voice, even when Lexie’s trying to screw up her drawings or play with her teddies! She’ll play with her all the time and Lexie beams whenever she sees her big sister.

Her patience and love is such an inspiration – she always has time for Lexie and never sees her as an inconvenience.

Ellie deserves this award because of the way she’s dealt with a massive change in her life and also my illness – without even a moan. She’s such a beautiful and easy-going little girl, and the best big sister in the world.’

For support with OCD and anxiety, visit Mind. And find out more about our inspiring Big Heart winners, including the nurse who went above and beyond.

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