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Surviving sniffle season: 10 immunity boosters

Statistically, you’re more likely to get flu in February than at any other time of the year. Bolster the family’s defences with these proven immunity boosters and germ blockers
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Boots Pharmaceuticals Multivitamin Gummies (£3.99 for 30,

These cute gummy bears are a sneaky way to get multivitamins into kids aged three and older. A sweet snack that’s good for them is a total win for everyone.
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PhD woman Greens and Berries Summer Fruits (£29.99 for 30 servings,

Add this superfood powder to a little water each morning to make a nutrition-packed smoothie. The burst of vitamins, minerals, folic acid and antioxidants should shore you up against germ attack.
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Bio-Kult Infantis (£11.95 for 16 sachets,

Designed for infants and toddlers, these sachets of probiotics keep the gut healthy, boosting natural defences. They can also help colic, can be added to formula, and are safe to take when breastfeeding.
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Spatone Apple (£10.55 for 28 sachets, 4 weeks supply,

A staggering 91 percent of women get insufficient iron from their diet, leaving them more susceptible to colds and flu. This fruity drink is an easy way to combine iron with Vitamin C.
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Boots Pharmaceuticals Cold & Flu Defence Nasal Spray (£6.99,

Fine for use during pregnancy or on children aged from 12 months, this handy antiviral spray blocks germs when travelling or shuts down a cold at first sneeze.
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Get More Vitamin D drink (£1.45,

At this time of year, sunlight is in short supply, leaving us low on Vitamin D. This new drink – only 7 calories and no added sugar – delivers immunity-boosting Vitamin D, which can also help naturally lift your mood.
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Immulina (£18.95 for 30 capsules,

This all-natural plant protein supplement has been described as a ‘daily workout for your immune system’. Safe for the whole family to take, it helps the cells of your immune system to do their job.
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Hübner ImmunPRO Infection Blocker (£7.95 for 15 tablets,

Germs lurk everywhere: public transport, school, nursery, cafes, offices… block them out by sucking on one of these chocolate-flavour lozenges when you’re out and about. They melt to create a barrier against nasties.
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Linwoods Superfoods Milled Flaxseed Almonds Brazil Nuts Walnuts & Co-Enzyme Q10 (£4.99,,

Selenium is essential for keeping your immune system firing on all cylinders. Top up by adding a spoonful of fine flaxseed to cereal, yoghurt or salad.
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NasalGuard Cold & FluBLOCK (£11.99, 150 applications,

Perfect if you’re not keen on pills and potions, this gel traps and blocks airborne cold and flu viruses before they can enter your system. It’s non-drowsy and fine for little ones and mums-to-be.

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