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Things You Can Only Bond Over With Other Mums

Do you feel like your childless friends’ eyes glaze over as soon as you start talking about motherhood or your little one’s latest milestone? Or do they try, but still just not quite get how important how your baby’s first playdate is? Yep, there are some things that only fellow mums can truly appreciate. Good thing is, these conversations can be the foundation of some great lasting friendships with fellow parents.
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A whole new level of tiredness

You can no longer offer your childless friends sympathy when they complain of feeling exhausted after a night out drinking mojitos. Only fellow mums realise the whole new level of tiredness you feel on a daily basis (thank god you’ve mastered the 10 minute power nap).
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Bodily functions

You never imagined you’d be discussing anyone’s bowel movements over coffee, but you find yourself talking about how close your little one is to mastering the potty for hours with your new mum mates.
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The night feed

You can’t even remember the last time you slept continuously through the night, but at least three of them a go – and have opinions to share on each one…
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Parenting styles

You’ve debated for hours over pretty much every parenting method and practice going. You’ve given most of them a go – all in the hope of an easy life.
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The work/life balance

Only fellow mums understand how hard it is to make it through the day with minimal fuss, let alone trying to hold down a job as well. There’s no more satisfying feeling than managing to achieve the school run and get to work on time, with a lunchtime spin class thrown in.
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Your little one’s latest milestone

You love nothing more than to gush to your mum mates about your baby’s latest development achievement. Or hearing how your mum friend helped their little one walk/talk/dance to Pharell’s Happy.
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First day of school

Only fellow mums can understand the importance of the first day of nursery/primary school and the mixture of happiness, excitement and sadness that your little one is growing up so fast.
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A good rant

You don’t feel guilty having a good rant to your mum friends about the lack of baby facilities in your favourite café or the huge waiting list at your chosen primary school. We’ve all been there.
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Your post-baby body

You can’t help comparing your progress (or lack of) with your mum friends who are all on a healthy eating drive in a bid to get back into their beloved skinny jeans. You’ve found yourself talking about your pelvic floor a lot too.
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Having another baby

Despite claiming that you’d never go through childbirth again the day your little bundle of joy was born, you’ve already started talking about expanding your family. Luckily your support network of mums have all been there.
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You’ve read all the mummy books out there, but you find talking about baby-led weaning with your mum mates much more helpful. After all, where else will you get such genius ideas of how to persuade your baby to love carrots?

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