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Top 10 #1stWorldBabyProblems

Take a step back – those little things you’ve been worrying about aren’t that bad in the grand scale of things. They’re just #1stworldbabyproblems...
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1. iPad Issues

Your toddler decides your iPad has the perfect aerodynamic shape to be launched across the kitchen like a frizbee.
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2. Hummus Hissy Fits

Your baby throws a mega tantrum when he’s served the wrong type of hummus.
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3. Catchment Catch

You’ve just discovered your house is exactly 30cm outside of the catchment area for the best nursery and school in your area.
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4. Trunki Trouble

The strap comes off your toddler’s Trunki while you’re wheeling it through the airport departure lounge.
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5. Soft Play Sagas

You lose your iPhone in the sea of balls at soft play, only to find it later, cracked and covered in suspect slime.
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6. Posh Paint Probs

Farrow & Ball have run out of Middleton Pink – the exact colour you wanted to paint your new baby’s nursery.
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7. Market Madness

Your toddler throws a paddy in the middle of the farmer’s market while you’re bartering over organic eggs. He then promptly runs off and sulks behind the ostrich burger stand.
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8. Stroller Stress

Your Bugaboo Donkey is too big to fit in the back of your car and you’ll need to buy a 4x4.
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9. Glamping Gloom

The winnebagos are all booked up for Camp Bestival so you’ll be expressing under canvas.
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10. First Birthday Blues

You’ve spent the same amount on your baby’s first birthday as a down payment for a Ford Focus.

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