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Top brain training apps to combat baby brain

There is always a lot of discussion about whether Baby Brain exists - although, ask most mums and they’ll all shout a resounding “YES!”

If you would like to hone your mental agility, memory, focus, and other brain skills, we’ve rounded up some of the best brain-training apps on the market. Download these to your phone today and you’ll get daily workouts to stimulate memory and other mental skills, and they all feel like just a game. 

These apps are all free to download, although there are in-app purchases if you wish. 

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After setting up an account and choosing the mental skills you want to exercise, you’ll receive a daily workout with games tailored to your needs. More than 70 million people use this worldwide, with 50 games to choose from. 
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Fit Brains

Choose from games that will stimulate your memory, focus, and brain speed. You can track your progress with this app too, with a personalised training programme. Includes mah-jong! 
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This app uses a brain training technique to specifically help memory, called spaced recognition. It can help you memorise anything from important phone numbers to words and facts, and works by timing how long you take to answer questions. 
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Receive daily games to help train more than 35 brain skills, with detailed tracking, that aim to improve your performance and your self-confidence. This is a really colourful app, with more of a gaming feel. 
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More than 30 games to play and sharpen your mental skills – and you can share with friends to track and compare your scores. Includes a game similar to the old-familiar Simon Says game from our childhood, where you keep your fingers pressed on the light-up spots! 

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