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Why Easter Is Every Mums' Favourite Time Of Year

What's not to love about when the Easter Bunny comes to town. Chocolate, daffodils, lighter evenings and bribe-able children. Did we mention chocolate? Here are the reasons Easter is every mum's favourite holiday!
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Beyond Retro

You can relive your childhood by boiling eggs and turning them different colours with food dye, feeling very yummy mummy and Eco-chic all at the same time. Your children would rather you bought them a plastic chocolate dispenser, but you're building precious memories so ignore them.
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The Best Fruit Boost

There is every chance your toddler will display abject horror at the thought of snacking on a toasted hot cross bun so you get to munch them all instead. Currents count as one of your five a day, right?
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Supermarket Sweep

Rather than whining about a trip to the supermarket, your child is actually excited to go and check out the new pastel coloured treats on the second aisle. You secretly feel the same, and once in store choose to eschew necessities (who needs toilet roll!) for a pale yellow plate, hand painted with chicks, that you know will be incredibly useful and timeless. Not.
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Bake Off

You finally attempt to bake a cake, knowing that even the most disastrous effort can be saved by a liberal sprinkling of Cadbury's Mini Eggs. Delia Smith who?
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Bunny Girl

You get to unwind by ogling pictures and videos of ridiculously cute bunnies on Facebook and YouTube instead of paying bills or going to the gym. It's research.
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Flower Power

Him indoors may not be the romantic, flower-buying kind but at this time of year, it would be rude not to fill your house with fresh daffodils and tulips so you can justify purchasing them for yourself. It's been a damp, dreary winter. You totally need the colour.
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Spring - Finally!

What's that, sun? Yes, Easter is usually the time we can start to rely on regular sunshine, longer evenings and a respite from the rain... Which means we can chuck the kids in the garden and wear them out. Yippee.
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The Weapon That Always Works

Everyone loves chocolate, which makes it the perfect bribe. 'Stop moaning, the bunny is watching you!' It works just as well as Santa Claus and is a gravely under-utilised weapon in a mother's nap time arsenal. And think about it - it's a win-win for you... They take their nap if the bribe works. If they don't nap, you'll need sugar to see you through to bedtime and you have a ready stash of chocs in your bedroom wardrobe.
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It's Time For...

April? Spring? A general aura of positivity? Then it must be the official start of Pimm's season, mama's favourite fruity tipple cause it feels naughtier than it actually is. And again, you can include it as one of your five a day right? It has a slice of cucumber in it.
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The Ultime Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are a brilliant way of getting to sit down with the Sunday papers for an hour. Hide them in really, really, really difficult places. Out of teach and out of sight is fine. Anything to keep them away from you for long enough to drink your tea while it's warm and get through the supplements.
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The Essence Of Sharing

You can become a proponent of the 'one for you, one for me' philosophy. They're too young to notice if Auntie Jill's egg has disappeared, yes?ready stash of chocs in your bedroom wardrobe.

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