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Anti-cellulite products to banish that orange peel

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Fight the good fight against orange peel, dimples and wobbly thighs with these anti-cellulite lotions and potions. Miracle cure? Nope, but every little helps… Check out our pick of the best anti-cellulite products on the market. Please note that if you are pregnant or breastfeeding it’s recommended that you ask your doctor’s advice before using any anti-cellulite product.
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Manuka Doctor Api Bronze Anti-Cellulite Bronzing Gel, £14.95,

The sun's out and so are your legs: but are they ready for the world? This gel will give you a subtle tan in an hour, instantly reducing the look of lumpy bits. It's tinted so you can see where you're applying it and Purified Bee Venom keeps skin feeling firm.
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Urban Veda Reviving Body Lotion, £10.99,

Who's got time to faff with body brushing? A few minutes' massaging in this refreshing lotion every night is all you have to do to boost collagen and kickstart healthy circulation, two things your body needs in the battle against bumpy thighs.
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Caudalie Contouring Concentrate, £24,

Don't assume the 100 percent natural ingredients – wonderfully fragrant lemon, rosemary and geranium – in this luscious serum will mean it's soft on your cellulite. Concentrate it on your problem areas to improve drainage and smooth out orange peel.
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Nivea Q10 Plus Good-Bye Cellulite Gel-Cream, £5.19,

A reliably great budget option that sinks in fast and leaves skin feeling silky smooth. The gel has a cooling effect on contact, so it's ideal for hot summer days and swollen ankles and feet, too.
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Bliss Fat Girl Slim Arm Candy, £34,

Many of us suffer from red, bumpy skin on the upper arm, but this fab cream will blast it into submission. Perfect for T-shirt season, it's the lactic acid, caffeine and white sapphire in Arm Candy that makes the difference: in trials, 73 percent of women said their arms felt firmer.
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For All My Eternity Sculpt & Smooth Firming Gel, £29.99,

This is a multi-tasker: use it on any part of the body that could do with a little firming, from jelly belly to muffin top. Packed with powerful antioxidants, it helps to sculpt and define, toning skin and helping ease fluid retention.
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Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control, £37,

This might stretch the budget but think of it as a tried-and-tested way to feel a little better on the beach. Beauty editors are in love with this cream because it works just as well as a preventative measure as on stubborn cellulite, reducing puckering and dimpling and smoothing the skin.
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Temple Spa Work It Out Muscle-Tox, Bathing And Massage Oil, £24,

A build-up of toxins and sluggish circulation are common causes of cellulite and only regular massage can really get results. This fragrant oil made with clove, avocado and coconut makes it a pleasure: work it into damp skin after every bath or shower.
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Khadi 10 Herbs Anti-Cellulite Oil (from May 7), £11.90,

It may be all-natural but Khadi takes a scientific approach, using herbs to heat the skin and boost circulation to problem areas. Each of the 10 herbs do a different job: saffron to reduce redness, mustard to help detoxify, clove to get the blood pumping. And it smells amazing!
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Madara Anti-Cellulite Cream, £23,

Northern hawthorn, horse chestnut and good old caffeine pack a punch in this luxury lotion. If you can commit to using this daily for four weeks you should see the dimples even out and skin start to look more streamlined.

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