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Ask Child Farm's resident skincare expert: “How do I correctly moisturise my skin?”

Section: Skin & Hair

Each month, Childs Farm's resident skincare expert will be tackling all your skincare concerns and giving you the correct know-how, to ensure the whole family has healthy and gorgeous-looking skin. 

This month's instalment is going back to basics and asking you, are you moisturising correctly

Whether you religiously slather on body cream or admittedly only bother until your skin really needs it, Jennifer Crawley talks through the different techniques to ensure you are using your moisturiser to it's full potential. 

Now you're clued up on best practice, make sure you check out the cult-favourite moisturiser from Childs Farm, which needs to go in your shopping basket, pronto. 

Childs Farm moisturiser, grapefruit & tea tree oil, £8

A rich and luxurious hydrating moisturising cream for all skin types, with a fresh, citrus aroma of grapefruit mixed with tea tree oil.
This award-winner can be used all over the body, face and hands, and will be loved by everyone, regardless of age! Buy one and the whole family is sorted! If only everything was this easy, eh...


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