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Ask Childs Farm's skincare expert: "Which skin conditions are common during pregnancy?"

Section: Skin & Hair

 Each month, Childs Farm's resident skincare expert will be tackling all your skincare concerns and giving you the correct know-how, to ensure the whole family has healthy and gorgeous-looking skin. 

This month's instalment discusses your changing skin now you're pregnant and the treatments/advice that is recommended...

Three common skin issues experienced during pregnancy

It is completely normal for the skin to change during pregnancy. Common changes include increased sensitivity, becoming more prone to dryness and eczema, or skin becoming oilier and more prone to acne.

It is common to also develop stretch marks and experience changes in pigmentation. - If your skin is becoming more sensitive, or if you are prone to eczema and stretch marks then the best thing you can do is moisturise at least twice a day.

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