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11 clever beauty hacks ONLY mums know about

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Sssh! There are some secret skincare wonders lurking in your changing bag and you have learned some time-saving tricks.

A-list makeup artists have nothing on you…

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1) Factor 50

You used to be a bit slapdash about your skin in the sun but since having a baby, your SPF coverage is perfected. Factor 50 all the way! Goodbye wrinkles.
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2) Hand cream for life

Because you wash your hands 400 times a day, hand cream is your best friend and lovely soft palms are your reward.
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3) Frizz free

No danger of heat styling damaging your hair as you don’t have a spare second to over-dry or straighten your barnet.
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4) 60 second makeover 

Your 2-minute make up routine is nailed down. Any longer and you risk a toddler meltdown.
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5) Points mean prizes

Thanks to the four million Boots Advantage card points you have accumulated, after countless baby-related purchases, you can afford the occasional premium beauty splurge. Hello Touche Eclat!
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6) Clear skin

A boozy late night is such a rare occurrence that hangover pallor doesn’t really happen these days.
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7) Baby shampoo

All the glamour. It turns out that nit shampoo surprisingly softening. See also baby shampoo.
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8) Blemish be-gone!

The huge selection of nappy rash creams in your bathroom cabinet means you can zap away any troublesome spot.
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9) Wide awake club

You’re a pro at using concealer to cover dark circles and have perfected a quick slick of mascara and a tiny bit of eyeliner to make you look less sleep deprived.
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10) Shampoo shortcut

Batiste is your best friend and you can dry shampoo your hair like a boss.
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11) Natural skincare

The constant banana mush rubbed into your skin by a well-meaning toddler must be doing some good... Right?

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