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The best nail scissors for keeping your nails neat and tidy

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When you become a mum, you soon realise how much you use your hands and ultimately, how important it is to keep your nails in good shape to ensure they don’t catch your baby’s delicate skin. It's also a really good way to prevent getting dirt and bacteria underneath your nails. Oh and er, any baby poo come nappy change time...

What are nail scissors for?

You can use nail scissors for a variety of things such as cutting and shortening your nails as well as cutting hangnails and snagged nails, so they’re a really useful thing to have in your home for whenever the occasion strikes.

How to use nail scissors

  1. We recommend trimming your nails after you've taken a bath or shower as this makes them softer and therefore easier to trim. Alternatively, simply soak them in lukewarm water for a few minutes before drying them thoroughly. 
  2. Using your nail scissors, aim to cut a straight line across your nail. 
  3. Use a nail file or emery board to round your nails at the corner so they won't get caught on things like clothing or to get rid of rough edges. Be sure to always file the nail in the same direction as otherwise, you could weaken your nails.

The best nail scissors to buy

These stainless steel scissors have thin precision tips to help you relieve ragged hangails and extra-sharp curved blades to keep your cuticles neat. They're also great for eyebrows, beards and eyelashes.

Review: “These scissors are top quality. They cut nails really well and are very precise. The shape is good and so is the weight of them. Highly recommended.”

Providing you with better control while shaping your nails, these scissors will easily fit your fingers and if you need more room you can just remove the rubber ring to loosen or tighten the tension. You can also cut nails from the side and along with the shape of your nails. It also comes with a nail file to shape your nails as you desire.

Review: "Great wee scissors, well impressed. Sharp feel, good to hold and they cut."

These high-quality nail scissors are made of stainless steel with slightly curved cutting edge and extra fine tip. They come with a leatherette pouch, making them great for taking with you when travelling, making it easy for fingernails and toenails to be shortened and cut into shape.

Review: "These Auxmir nail scissors should be a household name brand. They are perfectly sized for both finger and toenails and the curved cutter makes it so much easier to get a perfect close trim that I like. I haven't tried them on my cuticles but I imagine it would be fine for them too. Highly recommend these and the price is great!"

Offering precise cutting for manicures and pedicures, these baby pink nail scissors from Brushworks have a soft rubber finger grip to ensure you are comfortable as you cut.

Review: "Love these scissors. Comfortable to hold and sharp. Did the covid at home trim...did the job!"

Promising high quality and durability, these nails scissors are hand sharpened so you can be sure they'll make a neat cut across your nails. They come with a synthetic leather pouch to keep them safe.

Review: "These are a really good pair of scissors - no play in them at all, very sharp, feel good in the hand and cut very well."

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