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The best face masks for when you *finally* get five minutes

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You’re exhausted, sleep-deprived and have watched more Peppa Pig episodes then you'd ever wish on another, it's no wonder that your skin can take bottom priority. 

What you need is some skin­care TLC and the quick­est and, im­por­tantly, the most in­dul­gent way to do it is by ap­ply­ing a face mask.

You might think a luxurious face mask would be quite pricey, but there are so many brilliant high street options available here in the UK. Whether you're breaking out with hormonal acne or your face is in desperate need of hydration, there's a face mask to suit every skin type. 

We've rounded up the very best face masks on the market for an at-home facial... 

This super hydrating sheet mask works to plump, rehydrate and revitalise the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines for glowing skin. Using plant extracts, hyaluronic acid and natural serums, this mask is full of goodness and is super affordable. 

One reviewer said: 'This mask is extremely hydrating for my dry skin. It is smoother, tighter and gives my skin a nice glow. I use one of these face masks once a week. I cannot recommend enough. I’ve tried the other Garnier face masks and get the best results from the Sakura moisture bomb.'

We're huge fans of the natural ingredients used in the Lush products. Simply apply to the face with your fingers or a make up brush, leave on for 10 minutes and wash off with a warm, damp cloth. When you wash off, rub into your skin for a nice exfoliation to leave your skin feeling replenished. It can also be used anywhere on the body which we love!

One reviewer said: 'I got a sample in store and had to buy more. I don't use a whole lot on my face, but it seems to leave my skin feeling fresh and soft, and smells kindof like mint chocolate. I like it even more than a clay mask.'

In just 10 minutes, your skin will feel instantly hydrated, with the hydration lasting for up to 24 hours after use. This sheet mask is suitable for sensitive skin and is ideal for dry and dehydrated skin that's in need of serious hydration. We love massaging any leftover formula into the face for the ultimate post-facial feel. 

One reviewer said: 'I've been using Vichy since I was 17 & now 30 yrs on I still continue to use the product & would highly recommend VICHY its amazing try it for yourself & you'll be AMAZED.'

If you struggle with sensitive skin, you'll want to be really careful when it comes to face masks, as you don't want to irritate your skin when you're trying to do the exact opposite! This soothing mask from The Body Shop has a creamy, porridge-like blend of oatmeal to help relieve dry, sensitive skin from feelings of tightness and itchiness. 

One reviewer said: 'Excellent for my sensitive skin, gently exfoliates leaving my skin feeling lovely and soft. Smells great too. I apply it when relaxing in the bath for some well earned pamper time.'

Clay masks are brilliant for blemish prone skin, and it cleanses deep into the pores, to unclog blackheads and clear any imperfections without stripping the skin and making it dry. With 10 applications worth in the pot, that's less than 80p per mask, which we think is a bargain! 

One reviewer said: 'I've been using this face mask for years now and still love it just as much as I did on day one! Leaves my skin so soft and smooth and can visibly see the difference after just one use.'

Don't let the bright blue put you off, this mask is a brilliant mask for all skin types when you just fancy a good old pamper. It's super cooling on the skin and leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh. 

One reviewer said: 'I was suggested this for my skin in store and I absolutely love it! I've used it twice over the past week and I feel fresh and amazing!'

Draw out any impurities in the skin to scrub away blackheads and shrink the appearance of pores to leave your skin feeling refreshed, glowing and virtually, blackhead free! Focus this mask on the areas where you tend to get blocked pores and leave until the mask is dry. 

One reviewer said: 'This really works on my mature acne prone skin! I've been using this once a week as an exfoliating mask and daily as a spot treatment and my pores are actually tighter and it clears up my stubborn occasional neck acne over night! I really love this product. It doesn't sting my skin or make it feel sensitive, whereas other acne treatments have. I'm a believer!'

Is your skin looking a little dull and tired? Enriched with a powerful blend of coffee bean particles, this mask warms and gently exfoliates your skin to help reduce the signs of fatigue to leave skin feeling awakened, cleared of impurities and looking more radiant and pores looking refined.

One reviewer said: 'Have used a couple of The Body Shop face masks and they are all amazing. Thought I’d give this one a try and it’s brilliant, easy to put on not very messy, and easy to wash off. Only been using for just over a week but my face is glowing after use would recommend!!'

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