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Finally! The internet has found a dupe for Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation

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When shopping for the perfect foundation, we have a strict three-step checklist.

1) Won't budge until our children's bedtime story

2) Looks natural 

3) Hides the fact we haven't had eight hours sleep since 2015

Estee Lauder's 'Double Wear' foundation expertly does the job and has been a firm favourite in our makeup bags, however, at £33.50 a pop, we dream of finding a dupe at a very low price indeed.

Hey, a cheaper foundation means more money to spend on cheese Easter eggs(!!), coffee with friends and allows us to be more extravagant in our weekly food shop. It's the little things, right!

So we were thrilled to discover that Primark's new foundation 'Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation' is a fantastic dupe for Double Wear and it's only five pounds!

Primark's foundation is both light-weight and heavy coverage and of course, the best products are the ones you can't feel sitting on your skin.

So, race you to Primark?

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  • Author: Aimee Jakes Aimee Jakes
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Aimee is the Shopping and Community Editor at Bauer Media where she works on fitness, fashion and beauty content across a number of titles such as heat, Closer and Grazia.

Her hobbies include truffle mac and cheese, Class Pass and relentlessly checking (and scolding!) the weather app.

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