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Make-up tips with Bryony Blake

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Celebrity make-up artist Bryony Blake is a regular on ITV’s ‘This Morning’, and here she shares her top make-up tips for mums.

Bryony says: “My aim for make-up in 2015 is to help women see what colours are in their own skin tone. It’s then about creating a make-up which complements these colours, whether that’s a very natural or more dramatic look. Understanding your skin tones and using them as your base will ensure that whatever look you want to achieve, it will suit you perfectly.

“I want my make-up tips to appeal to every woman – those who embrace make-up as well as those who perhaps don’t feel so confident– and hope that my tips and advice will help women become more confident.”

What are your top make-up tips for new mothers who are short on time for a full make-up routine? 
I would start with a really good skin care routine that you can do at night, and in between feeds. Invest in a hydrating face cream, which will replenish your skin as it goes through numerous changes after having a baby, as well as a good eye cream, for those often sleepless nights.

I would also recommend a good quality foundation or tinted moisturiser to cover any uneven skin tones.  

Under eye concealer is a must-have!  This would be my number one product and dark circles are the question I get asked most from new mums.  

Always look for a product that has a pink undertone in it as this will combat the darkness, if you use a concealer with a yellow undertone, the dark circles will still show. Bobbi Brown does a fantastic under eye corrector and concealer kit, as does BareMinerals. 

If you’re simply looking for something to brighten the under eye try something light reflecting or brightening; Estee Lauder and No7 both have great products.

Blusher is always a good way of creating that healthy and glowing look, either a cream blush which can sometimes double up as a lipstick, or a bright pink or peachy powder. 

And then lastly I always carry lip balms with me everywhere I go, I even have one in my car.   This time of year we all struggle with dry or chapped lips and I love the tinted ones that give that little extra colour boost. Bert’s Bees and Korres are my favourites.

Make-up tips with Bryony Blake

My most important recommendation would be to not to put yourself under too much pressure about keeping to a beauty regime as being a mum is the hardest job in the world and you should do whatever makes you feel good about yourself.  It’s definitely a case of remembering to ‘Take 5’ for yourself as well as your new family member. 

“Being a mum is the hardest job in the world and you should do whatever makes you feel good about yourself”

What’s the most important make-up tip you swear by?
I think the most important thing is looking after your skin. Experiment with your make up but always look after your skin – make up is about enhancing your natural beauty, your skin, so that you feel confident and beautiful.

If you could only wear one item of make-up before leaving the house, which would it be? 
Mascara, but I would always curl lashes first as it instantly give your eyes a lift. 

What are your favourite energising skin products? 
I always think if your skin looks fresh and dewy then you instantly feel better. I’ve recently been on holiday and the first thing I did on my return was treat myself to a GlamGlow Thirsty Mud Treatment, putting it all over my face and neck and leaving it on to really soak in.  My skin felt instantly refreshed and plump.

Which celebrity mum really nails the #fakeawake look?
I think Holly Willoughby always looks amazing.  She's a busy working mum of three and looks great with makeup and without. 

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