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6 hair trends your favourite mum-influencers can't get enough of

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For busy mums on the go, what to do with your hair might quite understandably be at the bottom of your priorities list. Whether you’ve experienced hair loss or just fancy a completely new look to celebrate this next chapter in your life – Rush Hair which is due to launch its 100th UK salon this year, has you covered.

Not sure where to start? Here’s how some of the UK’s biggest influencers are rocking their tresses – with or without kids in tow. 

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1) Susie - @susiejverrill

First up, Susie Verill, who boasts gorgeous brunette locks. Effortless, casual and oh-so-shiny, this longer style is great for mums who want to retain that air of glamour – even if that’s only when the kids have gone to bed! For more hectic days in between school runs and meetings, this style lends itself to the go-to up-do of choice, the top knot. To achieve this look, don’t scrimp on the professional cut, as keeping those ends tidy will help shine and volume last.
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2) Amanda - @gingermumstyle

You might think Amanda has a familiar face, and that’s because her hair is so gorgeous, it’s often on the telly! As a hair colour ambassador and a redhead loud and proud, it’s making all of us want to go a little warmer for summer. If you want that extra special salon treatment, why not tryBotanea, a herbal henna colour service which can add a copper punch to even the dullest of locks.
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3) Katie - @mummydaddyme

Katie from MummyDaddyMe has that really sought-after sunkissed glow to her hair! Looking oh so natural, this colour can be achieved by balayage – the must-have look if you’re looking to add more dimension to your brunette. Perfect for new mums too as this service doesn’t need topping up as regularly as highlights, it’s a great way to feel like you’ve made the effort – even if all of your energy is going on getting the little ones to eat their breakfast.
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4) Freddie - @freddieharrel

Freddie Harrel is making gargantuan waves in the afro hair world, and rightly so. This London-born entrepreneur, stylist and mum often wears her hair natural, having tried a hundred weave and wig options with limited success. Owning what your mother gave you, combined with refusing to conform, is why we love Freddie so much! It’s true afro hair can need more attention than other hair types, but find a stylist who knows your style, and the end result is always worth it.
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5) Clemmie - @mother_of_daughters

Clemmie, founder of Mothers of Daughters, is making us all hanker after a full fringe – and the holy grail of no gaps! The perfect length for mums (able to tie up and have down, fuss-free) a solid blow dry makes this style last, and find a hairspray to keep your locks in place without losing movement or bounce.
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6) Anna - @mother_pukka

Last but by no means least, we love Anna’s cheeky blonde. The founder of Mother Pukka isn’t afraid of bleach – and teamed with a classic red lippie, her style is effortless and loved by the Rush Hair team! If you’re too busy to master perfect curls before a four-year-old’s birthday party, fear not, loose relaxed ‘undone’ waves is where it’s at. Floral headband compulsory.

To find out more, pop into one of Rush Hair’s award-winning salons to discover a new style to suit you, visit, call 020 3733 1700 or find us on Instagram @officialrushhairbeauty.

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