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Pretty hairstyle ideas that are perfect for your next baby shower

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Summer is just around the corner and with the beaming sunshine often comes a busy social calendar. Amongst the sea of weddings, birthday parties and more, baby showers are another wonderful opportunity to meet up with friends, and dress a little glam while you’re at it!

Whether you’re preparing for your best friend's baby or are planning for your own new arrival, the style experts at Rush Hair have curated a collection of three stylish baby shower hairstyles that are simple enough to create at home.

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1) The Plaited Crown

For an impressive take on a classic plait, try this wraparound up-do look. Part your hair how you usually would, then clip one side out of the way while you start plaiting the other.
Beginning from the top of one side section of hair, create three strands and cross them over, adding more hair to each section with each cross to create a french plait.
Continue until all of your hair is added, and secure it in place with a clear, discreet band. Un-clip the other side and repeat. Once complete, wrap each plait around the side of the head and secure in place with small grips to form a crown on your head. This look is a great way to keep your hair out of the way in summer, without compromising on style.
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2) Pretty Ponytail

This low ponytail look is a simple style staple and doesn’t require time to wash and blow dry beforehand, requiring minimal effort for maximum sophistication. Begin with backcombing your hair a little at the top of your head; this needn’t be neat, in fact it looks better if it’s messier!
Tie in place with a hair band and pull a few strands to the front to frame your face. For extra flair, add a decorative accessory such as a flower or coloured clip to match your outfit.
A spritz of your favourite hairspray will keep the volume achieved from backcombing lasting throughout the party.
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3) Side Fishtail Plait

This loose, side plait variation of the fishtail fits perfectly within any dress-code.
Beginning at the crown of your head, backcomb to create volume and then brush your hair back and to the side, creating four hair sections as you do so. Grab one section from the far right and cross it over the left, leaving two loose in the middle, then take a section from the far left and cross it over to the right.
Add more hair into the plait with each motion, until all the hair is plaited.
Secure using a hair band and tease a few strands to frame the face as preferred. Pulling the plait gently will create a more tousled, ‘boho’ look. 

Every new mother deserves to feel special this summer. Head online at to find your nearest Rush Hair salon, where our experts will be happy to help you feel fabulous for your next dressy occasion.

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