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PSA! You can get micro ring hair extensions for volume, too

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Reader, I'd like to make this very clear that I once used to have thick, long natural hair. It used to dangle dangerously towards the carpet when trying to make sense of algebraic equations in double maths. It used to take me Two Long Hours to wash and dry all of my hair, meaning I was one of those people who had to designate days, especially for hairwashing. 

I had a lot of hair. That was until of course, I kept dying my hair bleach blonde and fancied myself as a female Draco Malfoy (I even went as him for Halloween!) 

I'd bleach and bleach my hair until it was white like hotel towels. This is not recommended by a single hair stylist (trust me, I asked enough of them!) and in turn, my hair started to snap off. 

Even though I loved being platinum blonde, I definitely didn't love hair that feels like cotton candy nor hair that falls out into my pillow. I proceeded to dye my tresses back to it's natural ash brown colour and decided to Leave. It. Well. Alone.

However, years of dying my hair has left the ends of my hair very thin and whispy. 'Oh, why can't I have healthy shoulder-length hair with blunt ends!' I'd cry to my mum whenever she'd listen.  I didn't even want super long hair, no, just enough to reach my collar bone would be fine. 

So, lo and behold, micro ring hair extensions that thicken up your existing length!

I had a few questions naturally. Would the extensions be visible in my 10 am meetings? Would they damage my hair further? Would they be so uncomfortable I'd beg for them to be taken out? 

I went to Marla Hair in Essex to find out. Marla Hair is a gorgeous salon situated in Buckhurst Hill. It's run by Jess who is a hair wizard and makes you feel completely at ease throughout.

Trust me, this is someone that refused to step inside an actual hair salon until she was 21 as I found the whole ordeal extremely awkward. Not only was Jess lovely and warm, she also really knows her stuff. She took one look at my frazzled ends and fragmented colour and confidently told me 'We can even mix five different colours that will give you a lovely natural balayage!"

Yep, I got an upgraded balayage without even dying my hair. Jess is a miracle worker, didn't I tell you! 

Okay, let's go back to basics...

Firstly what are micro ring hair extensions?

Micro ring hair extensions are one of the most popular semi-permanent hair extensions currently on the market. Separate strands of high-quality strands are fixed to your hair (around 1cm away from your scalp) with tiny silicone-lined aluminium rings, which hold the extensions firmly in place. Neither glue or chemicals are used in micro ring hair extensions, meaning they're a great option for those wanting to give their barnet a boost without causing further damage. 

Aside from them looking extremely natural, they also promise to be comfortable and easy to maintain. 

What was it like getting micro ring extensions?

It took a while for the hair to be fitted (we are talking a lot of little strands!), but good things take time, people! It didn't hurt at all and I read lots of magazines and drunk lots of coffee in the process. First, my hair was washed and then roughly dried. Then Jess sectioned off my hair and started securing the stands into my hair. She then cut the extensions in so they would be the same length as my hair (of course, if you're aiming for length with your extensions, they will be styled to how *you* want) and then straightened to finish.  

Keeping them healthy and maintenance  

The great thing about micro ring hair extensions is that they're incredibly easy to look after. The top tips Jess gave for looking after your hair extensions are:

  • Use a clarifying shampoo to remove any excess oil (which may cause the rings to slip)
  • Wear your hair in a low ponytail when sleeping
  • Rough dry hair at the roots to ensure rings dry flat and to minimise time wet 
  • Brush your hair carefully and don't go above the rings

Final verdict

I've had both tape extensions and clip in extensions in my lifetime (I'm a spray tan away from a guest appearance on TOWIE) and I can conclude these are by far the easiest and most natural to wear. Unlike tape extensions, clarifying shampoo and deep cleansing is encouraged meaning if you're someone who likes to have a clean scalp(!!) then you will have no problems. The rings feel extremely lightweight compared to clip in hair extensions and no one can tell I'm wearing them unless I tell them.  Oh and the best part? They last a whole three months before you have to have them refitted. Perfect for when you have 3920382 other things to do in your life, eh. 

Check out microring hair extensions at Marla Hair, here. Prices start at £245

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