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Quick Fix Eyebrow Groomers

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Super-groomed brows might still be one of the biggest beauty trends, but it’s also one the quickest ways to look fresh-faced, wide-awake and five years younger. And you don’t need to spend hours (or money) on salon waxing, threading or tweezing to transform your brows. We’ve rounded up the best fast-fix brow groomers to make them look great in seconds. Ready, set, groom!
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Benefit Gimme Brow, £17.50,

The fibre gel formula of Gimme Brow clings to skin as well as hair, so it’s ideal for creating the illusion of thicker, fuller brows if yours are a little thin or sparse. The tapered brush makes it easy to create the perfect shape and you’re less likely to get unwanted colour in the wrong place. (Look out for Brow March Arch for free or donation brow treatments with Benefit at Debenhams on March 9th)
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Smashbox Brow Tech To Go, £19,

This is an eyebrow duo with a twist. This gives all the precision of a pencil without the need to carry a sharpener – perfect for mums on the go. The super thin angular crayon creates the perfect arch and easily fills in every tiny gap. Finish by brushing on the softly-tinted gel to fix brows in place.
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Hi Brow Smoothing Wax Pencil, £7.49,

If you’re after a simple, quick and clear solution for taming brows, smooth this colourless wax over to keep them in shape all day. Alternatively, if you already have an eyebrow pencil/powder you’re loyal to, finish up by adding a thin coat over your brows to set the colour and add a waterproof seal.
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Soap & Glory Arch De Triumph Eyebrow Shaper & Highlighter, £9,

Shape and lift brows in one with this double-ended chunky pencil. After drawing in brows with the tinted end (which is long lasting and contains spherical fillers for fuller brows in a flash), trace the highlighter under your brow line and blend. This will lift your brows giving the appearance of instantly bigger, more wide-awake eyes – what every mum needs after those sleepless nights.
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Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brow, £2.99,

This brilliantly affordable, yet great quality pencil applies really easily and the soft texture blends out so you never get obvious hard lines. Fill in brows using short, feathery strokes, then use the brush to blend and groom to finish.
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Barry M Liquid Brow Pen, £4.99,

Are you obsessed with liquid eyeliner? You’ll love this liquid eyebrow marker – perfect for stand-out-from-the-crowd brows. The thin tip makes it easy to draw in the exact shape you desire (and fill in pesky gaps) and the liquid formula means for the boldest of colour. Perfect if you have dark brows to start with.
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CK One Brow Pencil & Gel Duo, £14,

The angled pencil makes it easy to draw in the perfect brow shape, and the defining gel keeps every hair in place all day. We love that the colour isn’t too heavy, so you can gradually build up to the right intensity. Great for blondes or fairer brows.
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MAC Brow Set, £13,

If you’re in a serious rush, or don’t trust your pencil drawing skills, this tinted gel defines your brow shape in just a couple of easy strokes. Brush the wand up and out and the tint will grab the hairs, making tired eyes look more awake and groomed instantly.
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Clarins Double Fix Mascara, £18,

If your brows are already pretty dark, or you prefer a really natural finish, a clear fixing gel may be a great option for you. This offers amazing hold for unruly brows, keeping every hair in place all day, while conditioning them too. Your favourite mascara not available in waterproof? This also doubles up as waterproof seal when used over mascara.
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Pixi Natural Brow Duo, £12.50,

This dual ended brow stick comes with a slanted, angled twist-up pencil on one end, (for easier application) and a tinted gel on the other. The double-dose of colour means brows are brilliantly bold, and the waterproof formula guarantees it will last from nursery run to pick up. Double win!
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Gosh Eye Brow Kit Multi, £8.49,

For brow pros, a powder set is perfect for defining eyebrows with a natural finish. Choose the right shade for you or blend together to create the perfect match, and swipe the powder over your brows with the sponge-end of the brush. Set with a thin layer of the wax, applied with the other end of the brush for all-day power brows.

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