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The Organic Pharmacy Co-Founder Talks About The Effects Of Chemicals On Our Children

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Margo Marrone, co-founder of The Organic Pharmacy, who lives with her husband and children Roksana, 16, and Maxi, 12, discusses the moment she gave up eating non-organic food and the negative impact chemicals can have on our bodies.

What was your turning point for going organic?

‘I became aware of organics around 20 years ago, after studying medicinal herbs when I learnt that an apple had been sprayed 16 times with pesticides. A few years later, I was pregnant with my daughter and the thought of putting anything chemical on her was out of the question. Four years on, I opened The Organic Pharmacy – a herbal and homeopathic dispensary with a solution to many health, emotional and skin problems.’

What do you believe are the effects of chemical overload?

‘Pesticides are some of the most poisonous chemicals around. They can disrupt your and your family’s hormones, damage organs and attack the nervous system. This can cause tiredness, mood swings, insomnia, bad skin, body odour, digestive problems, weight gain and dark circles. The list is endless.’

‘Chemicals Affect The Hormone System, Particularly In Children’

How can using synthetic ingredients on children affect them?

‘Children absorb much more than adults in proportion to their body weight. So, chemicals that affect the hormone system, such as artificial sunscreens and parabens, can put their system out of balance.’

What skin conditions have you seen clear up by living organically?

‘Eczema, acne, rosacea and psoriasis can be treated with homeopathy, detox, healthy living and herbal medicine. It’s so wonderful.’

What do you and your kids take at the first sign of illness?

‘We always take Immune Tonic (£11.50, at the first sign of a cold. We take it straight on the tongue, or I used to mix it with a little apple juice when the children were small.’

What’s the key to your skincare routine?

‘I wasn’t born with great skin and suffered with acne and pigmentation. But I swear by cleansing properly – I spend a good two minutes every evening using Carrot Butter Cleanser (£34.96, to remove make-up, pollution and grime.’


Radiant skin

'Antioxidant Face Firming Serum,  (£69.95, theorganic gives fast results and works for all skin types.’

Antioxidant Face Firming Serum


Healthy cheeks

‘RMS Lip2Cheek Cream Blush (£28, gives a natural- looking glow.’

Lips2Cheek Cream Blush


Organic head

‘Chemicals are easily absorbed into the scalp, so think about the haircare you’re using. I really like John Masters Organics shampoos and conditioners, from £14.50,’

John Masters Organics


Blitzed vits

‘I’ve just discovered BoBo’s Juicery. Its organic juices are truly fantastic.’ Detox Dandy, £5,’

BoBo's Juicery


What are your thoughts on organic living? Let us know below. 

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