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Travel-sized beauty products: multi-taskers, time-savers and heroes

Section: Skin & Hair
No need to pack the bathroom cabinet. Whether it’s a weekend away, holiday, festival or even your hospital bag, these travel-size beauty goodies will save time, space and money.
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Vita Coco Coconut Oil, £5.99,,,

Multi-purpose coconut oil is your key to travelling light. It's cleanser, moisturiser, hair conditioner, body lotion, aftersun, even shave cream and salve for rashes and scratches. This one is 100% organic and smells like a tropical beach!
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Odylique Superfruit Concentrate, £2.95,

We love this super-affordable organic skincare brand for its simple, effective formulas that are kind to even the most sensitive skin. This travel-size face oil leaves a healthy glow, so you can go makeup-free.
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Clayspray H20 and Green Tea Water Spray, £8.50,

Freshen up hot faces with a spritz of this ice-cool spray with calming green tea. It's great for all the family and at only 30ml can be popped in hand luggage, beach bag or pocket.
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Schwarzkopf BC Sun Protect Travel Set, £15.95,

Packing is so much easier when your beauty products are already packed for you. This shampoo, conditioner and shimmer oil set has UV protection and comes in a cute washbag.
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Dr Bronner's Travel Liquid Soap, nine different scents, £1.99 each,,

No mum should leave home without Dr Bronner in her bag. Use this organic, Fair Trade concentrated soap to wash face, hands, body, hair, babies and little ones, clothes… it even works as a deodorant and toothpaste! Little wonder Hollywood mums Natalie Portman and Drew Barrymore are fans.
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Love Boo Marvellous Mummy Kit, £24.99,

A great new-mum gift and a terrific treat to take away. Four luxurious skincare goodies firm and hydrate skin, including a body wash, skin smoother, miracle oil and bath soak. Fab on stretch marks and cooling on sunburn!
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Eau Thermale Avène Spring Water Spray, £3.15,

This lovely spray has a neutral pH of 7.5 meaning it won't dry out skin, burn or sting. One spritz will set make-up or cool down anyone who's got flustered… mum, dad OR the kids.
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Treaclemoon toiletry bag, £3.99,

Chuck it all in this cutesy cosmetics bag and you're good to go. At under a fiver, it's a total bargain and the wipe-clean interior makes spills no problem.
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Aveda Shampure Hand & Body Cleanser, £5,

Clever Aveda has turned its much-loved bestsellers into handy 50ml travel sizes, like this divine-smelling hand and body wash. Wave goodbye to messy soap and bulky shower gel.
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Soft & Gentle Orange Blossom & Grapefruit Spray, £1, Primark and

At 50ml, this fresh deodorant is just the right size for a fortnight's holiday. A new improved formula means no white marks or stains, just a light and breezy scent, no matter how hot - or stressful - the day.
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Mark Hill Little Hotties Quick Fix Dry Shampoo, £1.99,

Busy mums know that hair-washing is a luxury not a right. Buy yourself some time with a good quality dry shampoo. This one is concentrated so you only need a tiny amount to vamp up hair between washes.
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Manuka Doctor ApiRefine CC Cream SPF20, £19.99,

This genius CC cream is so good at evening out skintone and covering blemishes you can rest your usual makeup routine. The added SPF makes it one-step skincare: one sweep and you're out the door…
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Dr Organic Aloe Vera Wet Wipes, £2.89,

If you like cleansing wipes, these are the ones to pack. They'll banish all traces of makeup and the antibacterial action makes them perfect for on-the-go clean-ups or soothing cuts and scrapes.
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Lil Wet Brush, £11.99,

These neat little rubber hairbrushes are the biggest-selling detanglers in the US. Designed to remove knots from wet hair – without damage, drama or tears – they're extra-lightweight, so handy for travel.
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Philip Kingsley Soft and Shiny Jet Set, £24,

At a dinky 75ml each, this Moisture Balancing shampoo and conditioner are perfect for a few days' away… and the bestselling Elasticizer will keep locks manageable even in hot and humid weather.

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