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Why This Family Is Completely Organic

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We talk to hair colourist and Prince’s Trust Ambassador, Daniel Galvin Jr and his wife Suzanna about why they live and eat organically. Their son, Rhett, is 13

What sparked the idea for your first organic haircare line?

Suzanna ‘Living organically has always been a way of life for me – I grew up on homegrown vegetables. But when I met Daniel, he was living a very different, chemical lifestyle.’

Daniel ‘Eventually, Suzanna had had enough of me so, at 28, I did a detox in the US and got my life together. It was a huge awakening – I felt cleansed and my awareness levels had never been higher. Suzanna and I got back together and, when our son Rhett was born, we started looking into ingredients in haircare. Chemicals – including industrial cleaning agents – are commonly used in baby products. That’s when I decided to create pure, chemical-free products for my son.’

'When our son was born, we wanted to create something pure'

What effects can these ingredients have on your body?

D: ‘More children today have allergies, and I believe synthetic ingredients in common products have a lot to answer for. They break down babies’ delicate immune systems and strip the natural oils from their skin.’

You make products for Prince Charles’ Duchy range. How did that come about?

D: ‘Someone told he was a fan of our shampoo and, in 2002, we launched a shampoo and conditioner for his  Duchy range, which is approved by the Soil Association. After that, we created Dubble Trubble – ethical, sustainable shampoo and body washes for kids that are also affordable.’

S: ‘A percentage of each bottle sold goes to The Prince’s Trust, and £25,000 was donated in the first 12 months.’

Do you live 100% organically?

D: ‘Where we can, but we’re not saints. If we’ve drunk too much cider one night and order an Indian takeaway to recover, we don’t say, “Oh, is this organic?’’’



Baby and me

S: ‘Our Highgrove Baby range is so pure, you could practically eat it. Highgrove Baby The Organic Balm (£23, is a great dry skin softener for adults, too.’

Highgrove Baby balm

Gently nourish

S: ‘Alexandra Soveral’s organic skincare range is divine. The Nourishing Oil (£60, for bath and body is so effective.’

Alexandra Soveral Nourishing Oil

Natural definition

S: ‘A felt tip-style eyeliner is so easy to apply.’ Cosmetics a la Carte Brow Ink, £23

Cosmetics a la Carte Brow Ink

Speed cleanse

D: ‘I use our Dubble Trubble Cool Cucumber Hypoallergenic 2-in-1 Shampoo & Body Wash (£3, every day. Rhett loves it, too.’

King of juice

D: ‘We drink a juice made with cucumber, spinach, celery, cabbage, kale, apple, ginger and mint daily. I haven’t been sick for six years.’







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