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12 Things That Are All Too Much When You’ve Got Baby-Led Sleep Deprivation

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While having a baby does give you a spring in your step, the sleepless nights do have a habit of leaving you feeling bleary eyed and like a one-woman yawning machine. So it’s perfectly understandable when the simplest tasks can suddenly seem really difficult.


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Entering into a conversation about the UK’s current political situation

Let’s face it – if anything will send you off to sleep once and for all, it’s a not-so-stimulating conversation about David Cameron and inflation.
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Taking part in a swashbuckling Pirate fight with your toddler

The baby’s just gone down for a nap and all you want to do is pass out on the sofa, but your toddler is determined to get his mummy involved in playtime *quickly makes a coffee*.
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Returning your mother-in-law’s phone calls

You know it’s a little mean putting off speaking to her, but you simply can’t summon the energy to answer all of her questions about her new grandchild right now.
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A night out with your friends

It takes all of your energy to stay awake until 7pm, let alone start your night at that point. Sorry ladies – that long-awaited bottle of wine will have to wait a few more months.
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Washing your hair

This is why we LOVE dry shampoo.
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Cooking yourself a proper dinner

Who know so many meals could be based on (cold) toast.
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Hosting a play date

Dealing with one small person is tough enough at the moment, let alone adding any more into the mix.
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A trip to the supermarket

Best to stick to an online shop for the time being – cuts out the hassle of getting both you and your baby to the supermarket and back.
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Tackling the ever-growing pile of washing

Nap first. Washing later. Maybe.
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Putting together a coordinated outfit

In your exhausted state, you couldn’t give two hoots if your striped top goes with your floral trousers. Besides, there’s no such thing as too many prints… Right?
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Watching grown up TV

Right now, you’ll happily settle down with back-to-back episodes of Peppa Pig with your baby. It’s about all you can handle right now.
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Working out

While hitting the gym isn’t really an option with a newborn in tow anyway, you can’t even muster the energy to try out that new fitness DVD you ordered from Amazon. A quick walk to the park is enough exercise anyway, isn’t it?

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