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The best room diffusers to improve your mood

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You've probably heard of a room diffuser but if you haven't, it's a small gadget which fills the air (whether you have a small or large room) with very small, breathable particles of essential oils which give the room a calmer and often relaxing ambience. We love them for giving your home fragrance a boost, much more efficiently than a scented candle. Many come with changing-colour lights too, helping to create an ambient mood whether you're in your living room or even bathroom.

Some people turn on their room diffusers in the morning to help them get into an energetic mindset while others prefer to have them on at night to help them sleep. You can choose from many different essential oils such as floral scents, fruity ones or muskier smells and there are many blends created for specific goals, such as helping you de-stress or boost your energy.

They're simple to use too. Just add water and the essential oil of your choice, then turn it on and the water and oil heat up to create a wonderful-smelling mist.

Remember to not use a diffuser with essential oils until your baby is three months or older.

If a room diffuser sounds right up your street, check out our favourites below to help you fill the room with a delicate and fragrant atmosphere to suit your every mood.

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Best room diffusers

Anjou Essential Oils Diffuser is 100% BPA free. You can use it at any time of the day, with four different modes. There are also seven colour-changing LED lights. 

Review: 'Amazing product! I was looking for a night light, a humidifier and a oil diffuser at the same time. Then I found this one. It is functional and includes everything I wanted. There are many choices of scents for day and night.'

TOPELEK Aromatherapy Diffuser includes seven different colours and four different modes, including one that automatically shuts off when the water is used up.

Review: 'Recently purchased so only used a few times yet, but very pleased with this product. The operating instructions are very clear and it is easy to operate. It really does smell divine with essential oils added, on both the high and low settings, and the different coloured lights look lovely and calming on an evening.'

Tisserand Aromatherapy Aroma Spa Diffuser comes with an ultrasonic aroma technology. You can choose from different light and mist modes.

Review: 'Really love this diffuser and quite simple to use. You put about a cup of water in the bottom part of it and then add any oils you want by dropping into the water and then put the cone over the top. It has a little vent in the top for the steam to come out of. You only need oils in future, there are no parts or filters that need changing. It has a low voltage cable to power it that needs plugging in.'

This is ideal for the office, travelling, at home or wherever you want to enjoy your favourite fragrance on the go – it’s powered by USB and features an intelligent switch-off function that kicks in after an hour.

Review: 'I have had one these for over a year and I must say it is really quiet. I use it for other scents too and it gives the room a light wonderful scent and keeps going even when it is not plugged it. I am just buying another. It is small, light and very stylish.'

We love Neom products as they just smell fantastic and this diffuser lives up to the brand’s reputation. You’ll be relaxed in minutes with this diffuser.

Review: 'I have wanted to treat myself to this beauty for a while now. After another weekend away had to be cancelled due to COVID I thought what better way to perk me up. So glad I did. The pod makes working from home so much more pleasurable and helps to create the ultimate zen atmosphere for my at home yoga YouTube sessions. Love it!!! Can’t wait to add to my collection of oils.'

Ultra-quiet, this oil diffuser is a great price and has seven changing lights. Each of them is adjustable between bright and dim modes to suit the time of day or mood you want to create. There are three modes to choose from: Adjustable Mist Mode, Intermittent Mist (30 seconds on/30 seconds off) and Continuous Mist. 

Review: 'I wondered about this for a long time before I bought it. It is quite basic but it does all the necessary things and it is a good price. I have now had this for two years and it is still going strong. I have used it for fragrance in my house and for putting eucalyptus oil in when we have colds and it really helps. I lent it out to family members with little ones when they had colds and they have now bought their own.'

With a large tank for you to fill with your choice of oil, this room diffuseer from John Lewis creates a luminous fragrance with variations of intensity. It comes with a built-in timer function with 1, 3 and 9-hour options so you won't need to worry about remembering to turn it off when you go to bed.

A stylish addition to any home, this diffuser from The White Company will deliver the perfect amount of scent in minutes, while also adding moisture to the air. We love the beautiful ceramic design which will transform your space with uplifting fragrances at the touch of a button. Choose how long your diffuser will release scent for: 180 minutes, 120 minutes or 60 minutes. 

Review: 'This product is the best!!! I absolutely love it. So way to use and the fragrance fills the room - definitely recommend and I will be buying a second one!'

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