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5 Fast, Easy Hairstyles For Hectic Mornings

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Simple, no fuss, but still catwalk-worthy, and no one will ever know you’ve had the night from hell…

If you’ve spent more of your night doing the ‘shh-pat’ routine than actually sleeping, and your morning trying to persuade your toddler out of his Spiderman PJs, you’ll appreciate these fast hair fixes.

1. Textured teaser

You know those mornings where you’ve woken up with a wriggly child nestled on your pillow, and your hair looks a little more ‘bed head’ than usual? Roll with that texture, because teamed with a middle parting, it’s all you need for a fast, instant style. If your hair is flat and lifeless, boost texture and body by sprinkling L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Texture Dust (£13, into the palm of your hands, rub together and ruffle your hands through your hair from root to tip.

2. The side braid

The side plait can’t be beaten for disguising a multitude of mum sins. No time for a salon trim? No problem, split ends and frizz can be smoothed out and hidden from sight. No time to wash and blow-dry? Spritz with a little dry shampoo to refresh the roots or apply a styling cream through roots and ends to turn hair from greasy to sleek, then pull hair to one side, plait and secure with a hairband.

3. The dishevelled bun

This look can be thrown back in seconds, making it the go-to look for mums on the run. Choose your parting – a sharp middle one, a side parting, roughly parted with your fingers, or pulled back off your face – and bundle the ends into a hair tie or if you have an extra minute, twist roughly round and pin with grips. 

4. The clean and chic side part

Every season, the side parting makes an appearance. Why? Because changing your parting is the fastest way to change and update your look, adding a glamorous edge with little effort. The deeper the parting, the more impact your look will have. Secure the ends into a ponytail, bun or even a plait.

5. The lazy waves

A little forward thinking can save you minutes in the morning. Before hitting the pillow (or the feeding night shift), twist your hair into a high top knot, take it out in the morning, brush or rake through with your fingers and you’ll have no-effort waves. Easy as that.

6. The short hair solution

Think Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron, Michelle Williams. Try side parting and slicking short hair over with styling cream or serum - the added bonus is that your locks don't need to be clean for this to work.

You could also spray in dry shampoo or texturising spray and add height to the top for a more textured look.

  • Author: Lisa Durant Lisa Durant
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