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5 Quick Hairstyle Ideas For New Mums

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You’re thrown into a world of sleepless nights, hormonal changes and your new baby is the centre of your universe, so your beauty routine naturally takes a back seat. ‘The last thing you want to worry about is your hair, but it’s easy to have great hair and feel good about yourself,’ says Gustav Fouche, senior stylist at Michael Van Clarke. Here are some fast hair ideas that don’t require a babysitter to achieve them.
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The messy bun

If a disturbed night has given you frizz, don’t worry about re-styling or loading on tonnes of product. A messy bun will work wonders. ‘Pull hair into a ponytail and twist hair around the hairband again, but this time loosen the shape with your fingers, so wisps of hair fly free,’ says Gustav.
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The bad-hair-day-disguising topknot

The failsafe topknot not only looks great on most people, it disguises bad hair days in seconds. ‘Start with a high ponytail, then simply twist the ends and wrap around the base of your ponytail, pinning the hair as you go,’ says Gustav. If your hair is looking oily at the roots, just spritz in dry shampoo before styling, as this will mop up grease and give your hair extra texture and body.
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The accessorised ponytail

A simple ponytail can be updated by adding jewelled headbands, ribbons, bows or clips. Keep the texture of your ponytail messy, then add in whatever you have to hand. ‘This will transform the ponytail into a something extra special, without the effort,’ says Gustav.
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The easy twist

Creating something more styled doesn’t always require a trip to the hairdressers. ‘Twists and knots are ruling the hair scene this season and are very easy to create,’ says Gustav. ‘Start by twisting your hair from the side and as you work your way to the back, add more hair until you reach the bottom corner of the back of your head,’ he says. Then, take the twisted hair and make a knot. Once you have done this, pin the knot into place and loosen the hair. ‘This gives you a fresh, effortless look, but with also more interest than your average up do.’
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The custom pony

‘Ponytails are easy for everyone to achieve and just by changing the position of the hairband or how you style the ends, changes the feel of the look,’ says Gustav. If you’ve had a tough night, a high pony can help give your face a ‘lift’, but if you’re experiencing post-pregnancy hair loss around your hairline, a low ponytail will help disguise this. If you happen to have some extra time on your hands, ‘Use tongs to curl the ends and inject texture into your hair,’ he says.
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