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Quick and easy up-dos for the nursery run

Section: Hair

Mornings once were a moment of calm, but are now a whirlwind of cleaning, feeding and dressing your little ones as soon as your eyes open. This new routine can leave you with little time to get ready, especially during the week when the nursery run looms.

The experts at Rush Hair have compiled a selection of quick and easy up-dos to suit all styling skill levels, that will keep your hair looking chic while remaining well out of reach of toddler tugs.

1) Beginners: The royal bun

Meghan Markle, one of our favourite mum-to-bes, has been giving us some serious hair inspiration throughout her pregnancy - we even posted a full article about it recently! These styles will no doubt keep her looking fabulous throughout motherhood too, especially this low bun look. 

Simply backcomb the roots of naturally dried hair to achieve volume. Next, secure into a low ponytail, but leave a small section of hair to one side. Create a sleek or messy bun (whichever style you prefer) by twisting the ponytail around the hairband and secure in place with grips. To take things up a notch, wrap the loose strand of hair around the bun to hide the hairband completely.

If you often ‘wash and go’ on a morning, this look can also be achieved with wet hair – and you can enjoy a wavy look at the end of the day when unravelling your bun!

2) Intermediate: Pretty plait

From fishtails to crown braids, plaits are certainly a must for any rushed morning, keeping hair away from your face while remaining effortlessly stylish. Even better, if you’re a careful sleeper, this style can stay in overnight until your next hair wash is due!

Starting at the top of the hair, build volume at the crown by pushing a three-inch section of hair from the centre to the front of the head, securing with hairspray and grips if necessary.

Then, divide the hair at the top of the head into three sections and cross over into a simple plait. Create the French plait by taking small, horizontal sections of the hair from either side and adding into the main plait, crossing over in the middle strand. Continue this process until all of the hair is plaited, and secure with a clear band for a chic finish.

Add the finishing touch to your look with a glamorous accessory such as a statement hair slide or embellished alice band. You could even borrow a cute clip from your little one’s collection too! 

3) Advanced: All wrapped up

This one is perfect if you fancy experimenting a little without spending hours in front of the mirror. Simple and effective, this chic up do can give you a high fashion look in a small timeframe.

Start by taking your favourite hairspray and backcombing the hair on the crown of your head to create volume. Next, take two small sections – one from either side - from the front of your ear and bring them to the back, and then tie them in a knot. Secure this knot with a hair grip if you need to.

Continue taking additional sections from the front, until all the hair has been knotted, and secure this with a hair band at the nape of the neck.


Even with these styling tips, every busy mum deserves a treat to keep her feeling fabulous. Head online at to find your nearest Rush Hair salon, where our experts will be happy to create you the perfect low-maintenance style.

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