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Beauty For Busy Mamas: Skin Transformers

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Has a summer of picnics and sunny breaks left your skin weather-beaten? Try these heroes for their transforming benefits
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Lanolips Lovely Lanolin Herbal Treatment Baby Oil (£9.99 60ml

Not only is this great for beating stretchmarks, it also soothes dry skin. Apply neat, mix into your usual moisturiser, or add a few drops to your bath for the laziest route to soft skin.
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Baby Balm (£11

Dinky in size but big on result, this little pot will solve your entire family's skin woes, as it soothes nappy rash, calms flare-ups, beats shaving rash and fixes flaky lips.
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Weleda Skin Food (£8.95

Slather on a thick layer of this ultra-rich moisturiser, and the calendula and camomile formula will transform neglected skin overnight. Try patting onto cheekbones for a healthy sheen, too.
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Keraskin Sensidote H2O Hydro-Reinforcing Serum (£65

Running around after kids in the holiday heat (or even seaside wind) can leave skin dehydrated. Apply this hyaluronic acid-loaded serum underneath your day and night creams to power up hydration. Pricey, but well worth it.
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Wakaya Perfection Ginger Powder Jar (£20,

Make one positive step towards clearer skin by adding this 100% ginger powder to hot drinks or food. It'll aid digestion, kick-start your metabolism and reduce inflammation. We're seriously addicted!
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Micro-refiner Bi-Active Exfoliator (£55

Bring your complexion back to health with this super-fine scrub. it whisks away patchy colour and gives the kind of glow you usually only get from eight hours' sleep. If only we could buy that, too
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