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Products For Babies, Toddlers (And Grown-Ups!) With Very Dry Or Eczema-Prone Skin

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It’s hard to see your baby suffering with very dry skin or itchy eczema but there are things you can do. And while stronger treatments are generally available on prescription, there are lots of nourishing over-the-counter products designed to soothe and protect sensitive skin – whether it's for your child or you. Always get advice from your GP or health visitor if you’re unsure, and let us know what works for you on the comments board below!
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Avène’s Eau Thermale XeraCalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Cleansing Oil, £15.50, Boots

Suitable from three months, this gentle formula is fragrance free, leaves skin nourished and can be used on eczema flare-ups.
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Cetraben Cream, £7.99, independent pharmacies

This is an emollient, so it’s designed to help manage eczema and reduce inflammation.
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White Mallow Body Lotion, £11.95, Weleda

Celebrity favourite Weleda (Jessica Alba and Adele are fans) has launched a White Mallow range, specially formulated for hypersensitive baby and adult skin.
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Oilatum Daily Junior Lotion £5.99, Boots

A real classic in the world of baby skincare, Oilatum’s hydrating lotion is suitable for little ones prone to eczema.
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Lavender and Chamomile Milk Bath, £24.95, The Organic Pharmacy

This is super-gentle, moisturising and designed to go into your child’s bath to get him ready for bed.
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MooGoo Irritable Skin Balm, £12.50,

Developed in Australia, this anti-inflammatory balm has come over here by popular demand and soothes your little one’s itchy skin.
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Miamoo Huggy Lotion, £5,

From a range created by a mum with very dry skin herself, this moisturiser absorbs easily (nobody likes that greasy feeling) to give dry, itchy skin some TLC.
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Hand and Body Lotion, £3.99, Childs Farm

Childs Farm’s whole range is geared towards sensitive, eczema-prone skin. It’s also paediatrician approved – perfect!
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Outbreak Rescue Cream, £8.99, Salcura Bioskin Junior

This works by balancing the skin’s PH to hopefully bring a flare-up under control.
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Aveeno Cream, £6.99, Lloyd’s Pharmacy

A really hydrating lotion made with soothing oatmeal. For three months plus.
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A-Derma Exomega Emollient Cleansing Oil, £10, Boots

Another one with oat content, this is a cleanser but nourishes skin instead of drying it out.
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Dermalex Eczema for Babies, £24.99, Lloyd’s Pharmacy

This one’s fine to use from about eight weeks old – it’s good for relieving eczema symptoms and keeping further flare-ups at bay.
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