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The best matching family Christmas pyjamas

The best family matching Christmas pyjamas

With Christmas just around the corner and the cold weather creeping in, it’s time to get stocked up on cosy matching family Christmas pyjamas that will get you and the whole family into the festive spirit.

From fluffy jumper sets to comical slogans, there are so many super comfortable matching Christmas PJs for all the family - and we LOVE a matching set.

Perfect for Instagramming your Christmas, get everyone wearing the same pattern for ultimate Insta-goals. There’s even something for the dog to wear! Not all matching family Christmas PJs are cheesy; we’ve found some lovely PJ sets that you can wear into the New Year. 

From elf-tastic pyjamas to wonderful winter wonderland sets, check out our selection of matching family Christmas PJs that will keep you and your family toasty in the cold, winter weather.

Get the elves ready for Christmas with this elf tribe matching family set. Featuring an elf slogan and vertical striped print trousers, the whole family will love to cosy up in and watch Christmas films in these PJs. 

We can BEARLY contain our excitement at these matching family PJs - they're everything we could wish for on Christmas Eve, and more. We know every member of the family will fully embrace wearing these. They're 95% cotton, and machine washable. 

Sadly not for the adults, but you can match your kids' PJs with these sets from Alex & Alexa. There's a onesie that goes from ages 2 years to 12 years, while the T-shirt and leggings are available in sizes 9-12m, 12-18m and 18-24m. Ideal for those Instagram shots of the children huddled around their Christmas Eve boxes

Onesies all round for the whole family this Christmas. With Merry Christmas on the bottom! 

There's a moose, loose, aboot this hoose... Hands up if you can remember that Rowntrees advert from the 90s? No? Just me? Anyway, we love these moose PJs, fit for all the family. Available from 9 months to 16 years, plus men's and women's sizes too. 

Mix and match these elf pyjamas by choosing between two different styled tops. Either stick with the candy cane designed top or choose the hashtag ‘Elfie’ one. Not only are they super cosy pyjamas, they’re also designed for a snug fit. 

These comical PJs have green, white and red striped trousers and an elf-tastic themed top. There’s one for every member of the family, including a little pet elf top for the dog.

Your little helper will love these cute reindeer pyjamas. They’re made from 100% cotton for a cosy fit and are also available in sizes 6 months to 12 years.

This cute penguin design will be loved by your little ones, featuring a glitter belly patch and snowflake print bottoms. 

Do you and your family have matching family Christmas PJs? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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